Select Your Specs!

I haven’t been wearing glasses that long but I do know how hard it is to find cute specs at an affordable price…especially online. There are lots and lots of online shops that claim to cater to prescription glasses wearers but honestly it’s such a hassle when it comes down to it.

This is where SelectSpecs comes in.


SelectSpecs is an online store that pretty much caters to the glasses wearing community. They offer adorable glasses and sunglasses at an affordable price so naturally I had to try them out. Previously, I had two pairs of glasses, one tortoise shell frame and an identical pair in a black and gray tortoise shell print. Upon logging onto their site I was a bit overwhelmed to be honest.


I played it safe and went with a lighter tortoise shell frame, a bit smaller than my current frames yet still nerdy chic. The frames I chose were the Savannah in Demi Havana glasses and are you ready? The frames were under $14.00, $13.42 to be exact.

Savannah in Demi Havana

They are absolute perfection.

Including my prescription and all of the little perks that are kind of a must have when you purchase glasses like anti-reflection, scratch resistance, and lens thinning the price was the same! Color me impressed! After delivery and tax my grand total was…



It didn’t take long for my pretty new specs to arrive but when they did I immediately fell in love. They come in a small, but sturdy plastic case complete with cleaning cloth and they were as adorable in person as they were online!


I’ll be honest, I really expected them to be flimsy glasses; for under $25 I figured it was going to be one of those “you get what you pay for” situations but honestly they’re just as if not more durable than my $150 pair of glasses plus they’re a lot more comfortable.


Basically I’m obsessed.

Whenever I take my contacts off after work I grab my SelectSpecs glasses. They’re so cute and so comfy and they fit my face perfectly without any adjustments! I love them. If you’re in the market for new glasses or even sunglasses, do yourself and your bank account a favor and head on over to SelectSpecs easy, fast, and efficient website!

Start shopping SelectSpecs NOW!


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