Fall In Love With Lilly!

So I think I’ve finally gotten all of the Lilly Pulitzer I wanted from the After Party Sale?


And naturally I’m going to share every single piece with you.


I delayed this post for several reasons, the major one being I didn’t want to post my APS haul until I found everything I wanted. Think Michelangelo sharing the Sistine Chapel when he’s only halfway through with it. I just wasn’t okay with that! Now that every colorful piece is officially mine, I’m ready to share/obsess over it with you.

So buckle up.


If you follow me on Periscope you’ve been lucky enough to peek at my new Lilly and fall in love with each piece along with me. If you don’t follow well let’s just say you’re definitely missing out and should follow me immediately @SoFlaGrlProbz.

Got it?


The first two dresses I got during the actual sale.

While shopping I tried to stay away from pink based prints because everything in my wardrobe is pink and I’m currently trying to branch out. It’s awful I know but whatever it happened and because of this self-imposed rule I managed to grab some stunning shifts. First up, a dress I’ve been dying  to own for years; a Janice shift.

Lilly Pulitzer Janice Shift

This dress is quickly becoming one of my closet faves.

It fits like it was made for me and honestly it’s pretty hard for me to find clothing that fits me this perfectly. This shift in Resort White Heart Breakers retails for 188.00 and I managed to snag it for 59.00.


The next shift I managed to grab during the sale is one that I was slightly on the fence about and honestly wasn’t even sure that I would like it; until it arrived and I actually put it on.

Lilly Pulitzer Alexa Shift

I just love a good high collar, don’t you?

The Alexa shift in Resort White Finders Keepers found a place in my heart for several reasons; one, the high collar is just perfection and gives it a bit of an edge. Two, it has a front zipper that allows you to control just how much cleavage you want on display that day. So for church you can zip it up and then for post church brunch you can lower it a bit! While I do love to take Mary Kate and Ashley out for a spin at night, I like being able to control just how conservative my dress is during the day. Did I mention that it retails for 188.00 and I got it for just 69.00?


In addition to these gorgeous dresses, I also managed to snag a pair of Kristin wedges in nude and to say that I have been watching these shoes is an understatement. I’ve literally been stalking them for two years just waiting for them to go on sale. Unfortunately I missed them last year and was devastated but this year was my year and I wasn’t leaving the sale without them.

Lilly Pulitzer Kristin WedgesLilly Pulitzer Kristin Wedges

These beauties retail for 198.00 and I managed to grab them for 59.00.


I really love the detailing on these wedges and the perfection in their simplicity. When you get down to it they’re just plain nude, cork wedges but there’s just something so perfect about them.

There were a couple of pieces I missed during the sale and was completely heartbroken when I couldn’t find them at any of my regular signature stores. On a whim I decided to head down to Key West for Labor Day Weekend and naturally my first stop upon arriving in Key West was the Lilly store.

Because duh right?


Thankfully I managed to arrive right before they closed and while falling in love with every piece as I walked through the store I somehow stumbled upon a sale rack way in the back FULL of APS goodies. I swear I heard angels singing as I got closer. Tucked away in the rack were two items I missed out on during the frenzy of the sale in two of my new favorite prints.

First up let’s Scuba to Cuba, shall we?

Lilly Pulitzer Christie Dress in Scuba to Cuba

I adore the Christie dress!

This style of dress is one of my faves because it covers all the bases; it’s comfy, short, and shows just the right amount of boob. Basically, it’s like wearing a v-neck t-shirt but longer. Again, if you follow me on Periscope you know how much I obsess over Pima cotton. Originally 98.00 and on sale for 69.00 makes this Lilly lover incredibly happy.

The final dress I got on sale seems to be growing on me every time I put it on.

Lilly Pulitzer Pearl Shift in Red Right Return

It’s just so pretty!

The Pearl shift initially had me like meh maybe? The halter style of the neckline is really what sold me; the print is gorgeous don’t get me wrong, but being that You Gotta Regatta and Get Nauti are two of my favorite prints I had high hopes for Red Right Return and I have to say it’s definitely growing on me! This shift like most Lilly shifts, has that perfect liner and surprisingly like the rest, fits me like a glove. This pretty little dress retails for 198.00 and I grabbed mine for 99.00 so like 50% off which is a major win in my book.


Overall, I have to say, this is the most successful APS sale I’ve had so far. Although I didn’t grab everything I wanted during the actual sale, I still managed to find the items I was desperately in search of for pretty reasonable prices! I really had such a great experience at the Key West store but honestly every interaction I’ve had with Lilly Pulitzer has always been a positive one! I’m heading back to the Keys soon and even though I keep telling myself I won’t buy anymore Lilly I’ll probably blackout and find myself standing at the register swiping my card again.


You can never have too much Lilly right?

Until then…



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