Spotlight Sunday–The Monthly Subscription Boxes You Actually Need

Soooo much has been going on lately that I seemed to have neglected my poor little blog!

Super sad face.

What I haven’t neglected is my obsession with subscription boxes. There are literally TONS out there from makeup, to trinkets, to skincare, and doggies. If you’re like me and have your skin care and beauty routine on lock, you’re not looking to try out new cleansers and toners. What you need is a subscription box that comes with things you actually need, like accessories.

I’ve obsessed over Rocksbox multiple times and if you haven’t signed up for it yet I’m just going to assume you don’t like free things.

Consider this your come to Jesus meeting. 

Rocksbox is a subscription box that is way better than ipsy or birchbox because you don’t have to wait an entire month for your new box! You get a new box whenever you send back your old one!

Let me walk you through this mmkay?

You sign up for Rocksbox using SOFLAGRLPROBZXOXO as your promo code and boom one month is yours for free. Next, you take a style survey and add a few pieces of high-end jewelry to your wishlist. After that a super experienced/amazing stylist hand picks which pieces best match your style and sends it off to you! I’ve been an RBITGIRL since February and have amassed quite a killer jewelry collection so far including a Kendra Scott collection that would make KScott herself blush. After your free month it’s just $19/month to stay on board and did I mention that every month you get $10 to spend just because? OH and an extra $25 to spend every time one of your besties uses your code to sign up?

Still not hooked? Check out my latest Rocksbox



A little Gorjana necklace, some Sophie Harper studs, and of course a Kendra piece from the brand new collection were enough to make me fall in love with my Rocksbox stylist Blair all over again.

She just gets me, ya know?

Plus any piece you decide to purchase will automatically be 20% off of the retail price.


The next subscription box I seem to have fallen madly in love with is brand new to my doorstep and quite frankly I’m surprised it took me this long to find out about it.

Are you a major sunglasses addict?



Seems too good to be true right? WRONG

Just like Rocksbox, DITTO is only $19/month and you can swap your sunnies out as often as you like. Not into sunglasses? DITTO also has the same awesome service for prescription glasses.

Impressive I know but I’m not even close to done yet. 

DITTO is jam-packed with quality shades to shield your precious little peepers from the incredibly harsh sunlight of summer. From brands like Ray-Ban, Givenchy, and Prada you can satisfy your inner sunglasses maven with a membership to the endless eyewear club!

I’ll admit, I’m a bit of a sunglasses addict.

Just yesterday I purchased the same sunglasses in black and tortoise shell because what if one day I’m wearing all navy? I certainly can’t walk around in dark black sunglasses, amiright? This is where DITTO is incredibly clutch. Virtually try on glasses by creating a Ditto and swap your shades as often as you like! The best part? You’ll never pay more than $19 each month! For my first box I decided to go with a classic, the all black  Ray-Ban aviator and I was not disappointed at all.


Immediately I took them out for a test spin at the pool and was not disappointed.


DITTO is definitely a keeper.

SIGN UP NOW and help me pick my next pair!


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