Spongellé Take Me Away

There is nothing quite like a hot shower to wash away the stresses of an obnoxiously long day and a pedicure can give you a better pick me up than a double dirty chai. I’m always on the lookout for anything that will make both of these experiences even better so naturally when I stumbled upon Spongellé I was ridiculously excited.

Spongelle product photo

Spongellé is a luxury line of at home spa products like body buffers, that are infused with exotic extracts, rich moisturizers and gentle cleansers. When my Spongellé products arrived, the first thing I noticed was the intoxicating smell as I opened my package; like stepping into a field of fresh flowers. The next thing I noticed was the packaging; I think the packaging of a product often goes overlooked when really that’s what I always remember. I mean, you wouldn’t walk into an interview with terrible hair/makeup/in ripped clothing would you?

Definitely not.

I was pretty eager to try out my coconut verbena body wash infused buffer and my mandarin mint infused pedi buffer/cleanser.

Naturally, I used the body buffer first.

At first I was like umm this is really hard…like rock hard. How does one wash with this? After a few sprinkles of water it softened up and felt more spongey and less bouldery.

Does that make sense?


I was pretty surprised by how great of a lather this little sponge produced and here’s the best thing about it…it exfoliates while it cleanses! I know right?! The next day I broke out the pedi buffer. I had pretty high expectations since the body buffer was pretty much my new favorite shower buddy and I was not disappointed. A quick dip in super hot water and again the scent was incredible. A little scrubbing left me with super soft feet to go with my super soft skin.

After just two uses I want every and anything that Spongellé makes PLUS these products don’t leave you with dried out skin which is a maaaajor sin to me.


Interested in learning more about Spongellé?



Disclosure: Spongellé products used in this post were provided on behalf of BrandBacker for testing and reviewing purposes. All content and opinions are 100% my own.


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