Spotlight Sunday–SimplyFabs

Let me just say I’ve been searching for a pair of custom Lilly Pulitzer painted canvas tennies since last summer and honestly the amount of money people expect you to pay is absurd. Like…are you painting it with the paint from the Pink Palace that’s encrusted with gold flecks? I didn’t think so.

So naturally I turned to Etsy.

Sometimes  Most of the time I find Etsy to be incredibly annoying and confusing but once in a while, I stumble across a total gem and just have to share. Not only was I able to find those coveted springtastic sneaks but the cost was relatively low compared to other places.

Meet SimplyFabs

Lilly Pulitzer canvas shoes from SimplyFabs

Well naturally I had to have them monogrammed.

SimplyFabs is a small little shop that has not only the handpainted Lilly canvas shoes but tons of other goodies painted by owner Savannah. Need a cute canvas to pull together a room?

Wine Canvas from SimplyFabs

Not sure what you want it to say?

Painted canvas from SimplyFabs

Order this beautifully pre-painted canvas and add your own quote!

Want a little wine with your Lilly sorority print?

Phi Mu painted wine glass from SimplyFabs

SimplyFabs duh!

These are just a few of my fave items from this incredibly adorable shop! From wooden decorative letters to bubba kegs for lazy days at the beach, SimplyFabs has got you covered!


Shop SimplyFabs Online!

Follow SimplyFabs on Twitter!


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