Another Day, Another Teatox!

In the past, my only experience with tea detoxes has been with LoseItTea. I enjoy the ease of incorporating one tea in the morning and one tea at night into my daily routine and really the simplicity of it all. My friends have all tried out Skinny Teatox and while there were some mixed reviews I was a bit curious and decided to give it a shot!

skinny teatoxSkinny teatox

How cute is the little strawberry tea infuser that came with it?!

My kit also came with a morning tea and a nighttime cleansing tea that you drink every other day. I did like that Skinny Teatox used a tea bag for one of its teas as opposed to both being loose tea leaves. I didn’t include any sweeteners in my morning tea and it didn’t really effect the taste for me but then again I don’t mind tea without sweetener. I didn’t experience the same boost of energy I usually do with LoseItTea and it didn’t really curb my appetite although it was a nice and refreshing way to start my day.

skinny teatox

I ate pretty healthy throughout the day and had my nighttime tea around 10pm. I didn’t really like the taste of this tea. I can’t really explain why but I just didn’t.

skinny teatox

Weird I know. 

Anyway, the nighttime did had the same cleansing effect of tea detoxes I’ve used in the past and I was very happy about that! I used this cleanse for 9 days and while it was a bit difficult to keep track of when I was supposed to drink the nighttime tea, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I was down 3lbs! A little less than I’ve experienced in the past but 3lbs down is still 3lbs down!

Overall I was pretty pleased with Skinny Teatox! I wish that it would’ve come with a recipe guide or something similar to other tea detoxes in the past but it was definitely effective and I really enjoyed the daytime tea! I honestly wanted to make a huge batch and carry around a chilled version of it all day.

Try Skinny Teatox today!

Disclosure: Skinny Teatox products used in this post were provided on behalf of BrandBacker for testing and reviewing purposes. All content and opinions are 100% my own. 


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