Spotlight Sunday–Southern Magnolia Shirt Company

Louisiana speaks to my soul. 

Every now and then I feel this overwhelming urge to drop everything and head over to the Bayou State. Unfortunately, I haven’t yet succumbed to wanderlust because well honestly I feel like once I get there I’ll never leave.

But like honestly why would you?

At the urging of my Little KMac, I just had to check out the little Louisiana based brand Southern Magnolia Shirt Company. The sister brand of Southern Football Tshirts, Southern Magnolia Shirt Co. has tshirts, tees, and long sleeves in pale pinks and bright neons for the southern prep in all of us . The ladies at SMSC were kind enough to send me what I can only describe as the very essence of my personality in a package.

Southern Magnolia Shirt Company


Obviously, pink is my absolute favorite color; everything I own is either pink or has a hint of pink incorporated into the print so naturally I fell in love as soon as I opened the package. Inside I found two of the cutest pocket tees, the Let’s Get Fancy tee and a pink Day Drinking tee, plus a matching pink koozie and cup, along with a little SMSC sticker. I basically live in my SMSC tees because like any good tshirt they are…..


IMG_0011Day Drinking in The South

An added bonus TBH.

Did I mention that Southern Magnolia Shirt Company offers FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $75 when you use FREESHIPPING at checkout!!

Check them out online now!

Website– Shop Southern Magnolia Shirt Company

Instagram–Follow Southern Magnolia Shirt Company on Instagram

Facebook–Like  Southern Magnolia Shirt Company on Facebook

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