Nature’s Time

I think it’s really important to give back to the world. I’m a firm believer in the idea that putting good out into the world will result in good things happening to you. When I shop, either in store or online I try to shop at places that do good things for their community; for example my local Target donates a portion of their sales to the local schools. Nature’s Time is a company that does something similar.

Nature's Time


Founded by Christian Panaligan, Nature’s Time is a jewelry and watch company that strives to integrate the beauty of nature and fashion while bringing awareness to the victims of bullying. Not only are the watches made from natural materials and absolutely beautiful, for every watch sold 6 bullying victims are helped and awareness is brought to the cause.

Being a victim of bullying myself and struggling with self-esteem issues my whole life, this is a cause that is very close to my heart so naturally I jumped at the chance to work with Christian and Nature’s Time. I chose to go with a men’s style watch because honestly I’m pretty self-conscious about my small wrists and women’s watches just exaggerate that.

Is that weird?


I am absolutely in love with my red sandalwood and black steel watch; it’s beautifully crafted and the way the wood and the steel come together honestly took my breath away.

Natures Time Watch

I immediately fell in love. 

Natures Time Watch

Nature’s Time launches today and I am so excited to watch this brand grow!

Check them out online now!

Website– Shop Nature’s Time

Instagram–Follow Nature’s Time on Instagram

Twitter–Follow Nature’s Time on Twitter

Facebook–Like  Nature’s Time on Facebook


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