Can I Sunfest Every Weekend?

Since moving to South Florida I’ve been dying to go to Sunfest. Not sure what exactly Sunfest is? Well it’s a five day music festival in West Palm Beach that has a little something for everyone. I had all but given up hope when I somehow won tickets thanks to Dunkin Donuts and Sunfest!



Ridiculously excited I planned my Sunfest experience.

With artists like Lenny Kravitz, Hozier, 311, Soja, Damien Marley, and Fall Out Boy playing on multiple stages plus a huge bounce house for kids and art walk for adults. Not to mention all of the food, snacks, beers, oh and sponsored by Captain Morgan! It was incredible and I was even more pumped for my first Sunfest.

I decided to  spend Saturday in West Palm “Sunfesting” with my sister.


We were not disappointed.

Everyone was incredibly nice and excited to be there working or volunteering! My first stop was naturally a Coors Light tent where I was pleasantly surprised to find that they took plastic!

Don’t you hate when places are cash only?

Basically I was in heaven.


After procuring beer number 1 of the day, my sister and I decided to chill out at the Ford stage and listen to a band we had never heard of, Trial by Stone. Surprisingly they were amazing! After that we grabbed another beer from our favorite ladies at the Coors tent and explored a bit.



It was perfect festival weather.

I was pretty psyched to find ATMs and phone charging stations on nearly every street corner but nothing made me happier than when I stumbled upon my one true love hidden next to the Tire Kingdom stage…Chickfila.


While I inhaled my chicken sandwich, my sister fell in love with an Italian sausage.


The day had just begun.

After a quick lunch, we continued walking and found ourselves surrounded by the most beautiful artwork. So many unique arts, crafts, sketchings, and paintings. I’m pretty sure this painting of Jimi Hendrix kept screaming “BUY ME” every time we walked by it.


As we turned around to make our way back to the Ford stage we stopped to take photos of the beautiful waterfront,


and stumbled upon the most amazing vessel I think I’ve ever seen; The Captain Morgan Ship.


A floating dock of several tents with DJs, dance floors, SO MUCH RUM, aaaand a showing of the Kentucky Derby. Needless to say we spent a bit of time aboard this floating paradise.

After we ninja walked through the crowd, we found ourselves back at the Ford stage just in time for a little Damien Marley. It was my third time seeing him in concert but my sister’s first and neither of us was disappointed.


About two songs in, I spotted a margarita tent that was also mixing up cocktails featuring Captain Morgan’s new flavored rums. I quickly fell in love with the Loconut and had several of those…in my new free pink cup!


After Damien we strolled back to the art and really looked around and it was incredible, not just some of it but all of it! We actually talked to a few artists and it was pretty cool hearing about their process, the time it took them to create each work, and really just learn a bit about them. On our way back we grabbed more food…Chickfila again because well it was Saturday and it’s delicious and then made a plan to rest up in the car a bit before continuing our day.

5 hours down, 5 to go. 

After about a two-hour recharge we headed back in time for Schoolboy Q and caught the end of Hozier…honestly it was the perfect end to our Sunfest adventure.

See ya next year, Sunfest.


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