Let’s Talk Trendage!

Picking out the perfect outfit is mega stressful.

Crying girl meme

After a few years, you semi get the hang of it and can pretty much navigate your way through putting together an outfit that is socially acceptable. But there are those times when you put on an outfit and find yourself just standing in front of the mirror trying to figure out what went wrong. You know, when there’s just something that feels just a teeny bit off. I find myself feeling like this when I see a new trend and attempt to try it out on myself. By the end of it I’m stuck with a random top that I hate, trying to figure out how Tim Gunn would “make it work”. Have you ever wished you were seven again and could try out the newest/hottest trends on your paper dolls?


Meet Trendage.


Trendage is a new website and app that is pretty much like a virtual paper doll. Using Trendage you can create outfits using preloaded tops, bottoms, shoes, necklaces, and handbags.


Trendage also has a section for guys! Does your manfriend dress like a total slob? Pick out the perfect outfit for him, convince him that it’s perfect and then click the “buy” button! Yep you can also purchase any item through the website or app.

Talk about convenience!

I’ve pretty much been playing on the website all week and just recently added the app to my shopping app arsenal so if you don’t have it yet or haven’t experienced the greatness that is Trendage you need to get on that ASAP!


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