I Survived Lilly For Target And CNN Loved It


Lilly Pulitzer For Target Haul

Actually my sister and I kinda killed it?

After completely vetoing the idea of shopping Lilly Pulitzer’s Target Collection online around 11:30PM on Saturday night, I set an alarm for 5AM and settled in for a cute little nap.

I awoke to an absurd amount of messages.




Suddenly my decision to sleep through the frenzy didn’t sound so stupid. Here’s my thought process behind it; Target has never experienced the up all night Lilly shopper crowd; add to that an abundance of new comers to the brand, a dash of college girls in the midst of midterms/finals and honestly it’s the perfect storm.


After a delightful little nap I threw on a bit of makeup, a little Lilly (duh), brewed a batch of strong coffee in my Pink Colony tumbler and gave myself a little pep talk. Yes, going to Target at 6AM is ridiculous to some people but there are very few things I take seriously in life and shopping just happens to be one of them. I pulled on my Sperrys and left the fam a little love note.

Tabbie Tank in Hot Wings--The Pink PelicanLilly love notes

I live in a small town and am blessed (cursed?) to live within walking distance of a Super Target. Yes, it also has Starbucks. As I traipsed through town it was eerily quiet yet very zen. I went with it. Time slowly ticked by. I met a nice officer, a woman shopping for her daughter’s new apartment, and fully creeped on the Target employees who were super nice and cheery which fully freaked me out. It was roughly 7AM at this point. I stood in front of the doors, second in line, full of anticipation, verbally assaulting my sister via text message, and staring at this sign.

Lilly for Target Launch

At 7:15AM my sister arrived and we talked strategy, who would get what, how we would handle navigating the store etc. Thankfully, I spend 90% of my week in this particular Target so I can basically navigate the aisles with my eyes closed.

I was ready.

At precisely 8:00AM the lock clicked and I was in.

Lilly Pulitzer for Target

It wasn’t insanity, it was more like organized and classy chaos.

The woman in front of me in line had even grabbed the See Ya Later shift dress I wanted in my size and was holding it for me while I snagged the Weekender bag in Nosie Posey and Raffia tote in Boom Boom bags my sister was lusting after and she grabbed the gold pineapple sandals she couldn’t live without.

Lilly Pulitzer for Target Weekender Bag - Nosie PoseyLilly Pulitzer for Target Raffia Tote Bag - Boom Boom

Lilly Pulitzer for Target Women's Gold Sandals - Pineapple


I basically wanted to give this mystery woman my firstborn child at this point. I grabbed a second shift, the Upstream printed shift, because well it was in my size, it was pretty, and it was surprisingly still there. I took it as a sign from Lilly P. herself.

Buy the dress J, just buy it”

Ok, Lilly. OK.

Lilly for Target Shift

After grabbing the essentials up front, my sister and I made our way to the housewares past the girls section.


I’ve never wanted a little girl more than I have as I walked past all of the minnies shifts and shirts. Like can we talk family goals for a second? More importantly I sized up the XL shift and thanks to my abnormally long legs (preciate it mom and dad) I had to say no. Soul crushing I know but onto the home goods! Back there I found the cutest little pillow in Nosie Posey for Mama SFG’s new patio collection and an adorable little gold flask set that has a giraffe etched on it.

Lilly for Target pillow in Nosie PoseyLilly For Target Giraffe Gold Flask

I love a good flask.

As we turned to leave the home collection my sister spotted a poor discarded Lilly tote bag in Nosie Posey and Belladonna. It was honestly so sad; this little guy had gotten lost in the frenzy, forgotten even! We picked him up and added to poor lost flowery tote to our haul.

Lilly Pulitzer for Target Canvas Shopping Tote - Nosie Posie and Belladonna

On the way to checkout, we stopped by the cosmetics section to survey the damage. Surprisingly there were still quite a few makeup bags left and with a bit of prodding I managed to convince my sister she needed a new one; more specifically this Weekender one in Nosie Posey “because Lilly duh” and we picked up a shockingly cute gold shimmery fedora too before deciding to call it a day ” just for funsies”.

Lilly Pulitzer for Target Weekender - Nosie PoseyLilly Pulitzer for Target Women's Straw Fedora - Nosie Posey

All in all I had the perfect Lilly for Target experience and it really broke my icy little heart to see how many of my followers and readers had such terrible shopping experiences. Everyone was so nice and helpful at my Target, college girls helping older women shop for their daughters, mothers helping college girls talk their mothers into letting them get “just one more thing!”, I even helped a mom pick out pillows for her two year old’s bedroom!  No one was clearing racks or hoarding items, it was perfection. So perfect in fact that I was given the opportunity to share my experience with CNN and USA Today even used my haul picture in a video they did about this holiest of days.

Mama I made it!

It looks like the odds really were in my favor on April 19th



3 thoughts on “I Survived Lilly For Target And CNN Loved It

  1. Dana Robb says:

    I can’t tell you how nice it is to finally read that SOMEONE else had a good shopping experience. I went to the Sawgrass one and yes, it was a little batty and yes, there were several people that might have taken their love for Giraffe print a little far (::cough:: okay I might have too, but when the heck am I going to find giraffe print again), but all in all everyone was helping each other, some of us took one another’s cell phone numbers in case we found what they were looking for, and I even had the most adorable person ask me “if she was creepy if she followed me into the dressing room”. All in all it was a super fun experience, but it seems like we seem to be the only ones that had one!

    • SoFlaGrlProbz says:

      I’m SO GLAD someone else had a great experience too! Everyone was so nice, the Target personnel and manager was super helpful!

      PS: I would’ve bought everything giraffe printed too it was adorable!

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