How To Lilly For Target Like A Pro

Another high holy day is just around the corner! 

Everything You Need To Know To Shop Lilly Pulitzer For Target

Lilly Pulitzer for Target…


Here’s the thing, you need to prepare for this the same way you prepare for those bi-annual Lilly sales. Lucky for you I’ve endured several After Party Sales and thoroughly researched the different components of this Lilly For Target launch.

Grab a pen, some paper, your chai latte, and buckle up.

It’s time to Lilly For Target Like A Pro. 

First, you need to go over the lookbook. Like several times…like until you know all of the print names, color combos, I mean you need to basically know exactly how many lipsticks are available (nine).


This is your bible. Memorize it.

In this lookbook are the different categories: women’s, plus, housewares, beauty, toddlers, and girls. If you’re tiny like myself, you’ll want to give the girls section a once over as well (memorize it too). Not to mention that it’s the only place you’ll find these cute little headbands.

lilly for target headband lilly for target headband

BONUS: You can also create a little list of your faves by clicking on the little hearts in the corner.

After you’ve gone through the lookbook, do yourself a favor and create a Target account. The reason I didn’t put this step first is because honestly, would you have filled out the entire thing including adding your credit card info, shipping info, etc if I didn’t first have you obsess over all of the obnoxiously cute Lilly?

It’s called motivation people!

Now, fill the entire account information page out; add your billing info, all of it!

Bonus points if you’re a true Target addict like myself and have a REDcard!

We get 5% off and free shipping!

#Blessed amiright?

Now that you’ve prepped the sale, it’s time to fully pregame; the website I’m about to share with you may just be the best thing I’ve come across thus far. Not only does it have the complete lookbook, but it also includes sizing, which items are online only vs in store, pricing, EVERYTHING. Keep in mind that the sizes will not follow the Lilly size chart but instead, follow the Target sizing chart.

Obv I linked it below as well.

Cute? Cute.

Next, set an alarm (several), or if you’re a night owl like myself brew a cup of hazelnut, turn on a SATC marathon, and brace yourself. Rumor has it the online sale will kick off at 1am.



Ok so maybe it’s between 1-3AM EST but honestly this not the time to sleep in.

Trust me when I say you need to wake up early and sprint to a laptop/desktop. This is not one of those lay in bed half awake and browse via iPhone/iPad deals. No.



Following standard Lilly sale checkout practices like the “grab and checkout” method are crucial. When you’re online shopping, you’re shopping with millions of other over-caffeinated, sleep deprived, Lilly loving psychos like yourself. Grab the item you want and quickly hit the checkout button. Because you took the time to enter all of your info, you’ll be able to grab what you want with just a few clicks.

Leave the typing and scrambling to the peasants.

Once you’ve conquered the online version of this magical day, head over to your local Target and shop in person starting at 8AM! The best advice I can give you is to stay calm, don’t spazz, and basically be very zen about the whole thing. You’ve prepared for this and I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that this isn’t your first rodeo.

If anyone can do this it’s you.

Go forth and Pulitzer. 


Update: I killed it. Read the full haul post here


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