Birthday Shenanigans and Outfits!



Aren’t birthdays just the best?

Last Tuesday I got a little bit older and because it was a mid week birthday I decided to keep things super casual and wear my Birthday Girl World shirt.

birthday girl!

As I impatiently got through the week I started planning the perfect birthday outfit; luckily my latest Rocksbox had just arrived and was full of goodies.

Use SOFLAGRLPROBZXOXO for one free month!

PS: if you haven’t signed up yet what are you even doing?

Use SOFLAGRLPROBZXOXO for a free month!

On Saturday, I chose to wear a cute little silver tank from Rich Girl Rags with my favorite Hope’s skinnies and a Rocksbox piece to run errands around Miami.

Rich Girl Rags Tank

For my nighttime shenanigans at Hard Rock Cafe, I decided on the cutest little Hope’s fringe dress and paired it with a little Kendra Scott and red lipstick.

Hopes Fringe DressHopes Fringe Dress


Daytime Look:

Top–Rich Girl Rags *Use SOFLAGRL at checkout for a discount*

Necklace–Melinda Maria for Rocksbox *Use soflagrlprobzxoxo for one free month*


Bracelet–Derng *Use SOFLAGRL at checkout for a discount*

Sandals–Jack Rogers


Nighttime Look:


Earrings–Kendra Scott for Rocksbox *Use soflagrlprobzxoxo for one free month*

Necklace–Gorjana for Rocksbox *Use soflagrlprobzxoxo for one free month*

Bracelet–Derng *Use SOFLAGRL at checkout for a discount*

Lipstick–Nars Siren Red and NYX Eden


Handbag–The Flaunt Shop (Last Season)


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