Spotlight Sunday–Play Purse

I’m a firm believer in having multiple handbags and clutches; honestly if I see a cute one I’ll pick it up without even knowing where or what I’m going to wear it with.

You always need clutches!! 

From cute and classic to fun and flirty I pretty much have a clutch for every occasion. This being said, when I was approached by the lovely owner of Play Purse I jumped at the chance to review this cute little clutch from across the pond.

Play Purse

To be quite honest it made me feel a bit nostalgic; you see, I actually had a little purse similar to this clutch when I was a little girl. As I ran my hands across the tiny beads I remembered how I used to shove little Bonnie Bell Lip Smackers and key chains in my purse as a little girl and feel so grown up!

I suppose this is where my accessories addiction was cultivated?

The inside of this purse is soft and lined with cotton while the outside is a bright and vibrant color with securely sewn on beads in the most intricate little patterns. Play Purse comes in several different colors, I received the red clutch which can sometimes appear to be a dark pink color so naturally I’m in love but honestly it was so hard to pick just one color.

CYAN_grande DARK-BLUE_grande ORANGE_grande PALE-PINK_grande RED_grande YELLOW_grande

Each purse is big enough to hold the essentials; makeup musts, chapstick, cell phone, etc yet still small enough that you won’t feel like you’re hauling around a giant bag. Sometimes I even toss it inside of my larger handbag and use it as a little organizational bag, it’s pretty versatile and I’m obsessed.

Check out Play Purse online!

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