Must Have Monday–Rocksbox

In case you missed it there’s a new monthly subscription box that is way better than ipsy, birch, or even graze. Why is this box better? Because pretty jewelry comes inside of it and you can buy the pieces you can’t imagine parting with for less than retail.

Use SOFLAGRLPROBZXOX to receive one month free!

Bless you Rocksbox

Now I know, I know, I’ve already obsessed over Rocksbox once before but I just got my second box in the mail and I’m literally gagging over how perfect everything is.

Honestly if you haven’t subscribed yet you need to get your head checked.


Subscribe NOW using SOFLAGRLPROBZXOXO and start your free trial now!

Shall we unbox it?

First up are a gorgeous pair of Trina Turk Graduated Bar Chandelier Earrings

Trina Turk Chandelier Earrings

I’m more of a stud girl when it comes to earrings but in both of my Rocksboxes (Rocksboxii?) I’ve had the chance to try out dangly earrings and I have to admit I kind of love it. That’s the beauty of Rockbox; you get the chance to try out jewelry you might not have tried before without the commitment.

If you hate it, you just send it back!

The next piece I received in this box is from my new favorite brand, Gorjana.

Gorjana Alma Necklace

The Gorjana pieces I’ve received in the past were so dainty/classically cute and the Alma necklace is no exception. This pretty little diamond shaped necklace can be worn alone or paired with either a longer or shorter necklace for a layered look.

Cute? Cute.

The final piece in my Rocksbox actually made me gasp when I unwrapped it.

 Urban Gem Jenna Necklace

The Urban Gem Jenna Necklace is so sparkly and yet so simple at the same time. The stones are definitely eye catching and this is 100% a statement piece but I wasn’t completely overwhelmed by it ya know? I haven’t completely decided how I want to style this piece because I feel like despite obviously being a statement necklace that can be worn with a really cute cocktail dress, it can also be paired with jeans and a tee shirt so for now I’m on the fence.

It’s funny how jewelry works isn’t it?

But seriously go sign up. This is not a drill.

Imagine Netflix for jewelry…it’s that awesome.



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