Dear Dunkin, You Had Me At Free Coffee

While I do love Starbucks to the moon and back there is nothing that can compare to the dark roast coffee at Dunkin Donuts. I mean from the very first sip I was in love; the rich bold flavor isn’t too overwhelming and the smell!


If I could marry any cup of coffee it would be this one. 

Ice cold like my heart or steaming hot like the weather, Dunkin dark roast is my go to brew. As much as I love the dark, last year I had a spring fling with another icy cup of caffeinated goodness; the cookie dough flavored iced coffee. I drank it so often you would’ve thought that clear cup with an orange straw was surgically attached to my hand.


I take my coffee very seriously. 

Like clockwork, the Baskin Robbins cookie dough flavored coffee is back along with Rocky Road and Butter Pecan and if you’re lucky enough to be a South Florida resident like myself, on Monday March 9th you can snag your favorite iced coffee flavor FOR FREE. 


free dunkin donuts


I can hardly contain my excitement!

See you at DD! 


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