Unboxing Rocksbox!

What girl doesn’t love jewelry? The way it sparkles, the way it shines, the way you can build an entire outfit around the perfect piece; isn’t it just the best part about being a girl? Over the years I have accumulated quite a bit of jewelry and honestly it’s starting to take over every surface in my bathroom.



What’s sad is this isn’t even all of it.

I vowed that I wouldn’t purchase any new jewelry unless I really loved it or might die without it. Not buying any jewelry proved to be a huge struggle for me as I walked by a rainbow display of Kendra Scott earrings and said farewell to the most stunning Loren Hope bangle.

It was so tragic. 

Last week I found a way around my new rule, Rocksbox. 


What is Rocksbox?

Rocksbox is a jewelry service that lets you try out designer jewelry  and when you’re done with it you simply send it back to the company for new pieces. There must be a catch right?

Nope, no catch! 

For $19 per month you’ll receive unlimited jewelry rental; think Netflix for jewelry, and when you’re done with your three pieces you mail it back in the same envelope and attach a pre-printed label for three new pieces! In addition to gaining access to the best jewelry collection on the planet, you’ll also receive $10 of “shine spend” to use every month. This $10 can be used to purchase any item from your Rocksbox that you just can’t live without oh and did I mention that you won’t be paying retail for that piece? That’s right, you pay exclusive insider prices!

It’s amazing, I know. 

Before you open a new tab and sign up, let me give you a month for free.


Use soflagrlprobzxoxo when you sign up and get your first month FREE!

You’re welcome. 

Now that I’ve explained how Rocksbox works, let’s take a peek inside of my very first box!


My very first box came with pieces that seemed to fit together perfectly; like they were styled just for me…because they were. When you sign up for Rocksbox you fill out a survey ensuring that the items you receive are picked just for you!

Let’s shop my box!

In my box I received simple, stunning, and understated jewelry; my Sophie Harper pave necklace is a simple gold and sparkly “v” that pairs perfectly with the Melinda Maria Katrina pave ring.

pave necklace and ring

and can we just discuss the earrings?

Gorjana earrings

By Gorjana and just classically elegant.

I’m not sure how long I’ll hang on to these babies but that’s the best thing; I can either buy any of these specific pieces for about $10 less than retail or I can send them all back! I think that’s my favorite thing; that I can either hang on to my pieces for a while or exchange my boxes as often as I like!

I think I’m in love with Rocksbox…


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