Why You Should Be Watching Empire

Every now and then a TV show comes along that manages to grab my attention within the first five minutes; this season that show is Empire on Fox.


Now I know what you’re thinking, “Fox? What have they done lately?”

Absolutely nothing. Until now.

Fox has played backup for years in terms of quality programming; we turn to Fox when Scandal is on hiatus or when there’s honestly nothing else on. Not anymore. The Shakespeare-esque saga of the Lyons family is full of twists and turns that are mind blowing. Think Nashville but with a rap and R & B vibe and an extra dash of family drama. Still not convinced you need to tune in? Here are five more reasons you should be watching Empire.

  • Cookie Lyon

The matriarch of the Lyon family, Cookie Lyon is that Sassy McSasspants inside of all of us, not to mention she’s incredibly confident. A combo of Rayna James and Olivia Pope, Cookie handles everything, says what we’re all thinking, and always looks phenom.

 taraji_empire_skankswhospyAmen Cookie, Amen.

  • Killer Music

Like Nashville, Empire is centered around the music industry which results in incredible music every single episode. No seriously, every episode. Also like Nashville, you can find every song from Empire on iTunes or Spotify.


Hello new cardio playlist!

  • Man Candy

Literally there is a type of man for everyone on Empire; swoon over suits and ties? Check. Prefer your men a little rough around the edges? Done. Not to mention Lucious is complete DILF material.



Have mercy.

  • Gabourey Sidibe aka Becky is literally hilarious.

All of the hilarious things you think of saying to your boss but don’t because you’re worried they might not get your humor completely, are the things that Becky says to Lucious and well anyone she comes in contact with throughout her day. Becky’s sass level is close to Cookie level yet Becky still manages to handle every scheduling conflict or office shenanigan completely and is her boss’ confidant.



Becky knows all and sees all.

  • Plot twists

Much like Nashville and dare I say it, reminiscent of the Shonda Rhimes “push you off a cliff when you least expect it” style of writing, Empire will keep you on your toes. Nothing is ever as it seems and just when you think you’ve got it all figured out something else happens that leaves you sitting on your couch like:



The biggest plot twist of all? One of the producers of Empire is Danny Strong


Danny Strong pictured on the right is a producer.

Nope, you’re not hallucinating.

That is in fact Doyle from Gilmore Girls.


Did I just blow your mind?

Four for you Doyle, YOU GO DOYLE!




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