Say Goodbye To Dark Circles With Radha!

The dark circles under my eyes are the bane of my existence. The result of an iron deficiency, genetics, and the sleep habits of a newborn I’ve been battling these babies for roughly 10 years. Normally, I rely on quality concealer to hide them but in January I decided to revamp my entire skin care routine. After reading a few reviews on Amazon and of course looking over the ingredients, I ordered my very own bottle of Radha Intensive Youth Eye Gel.


I’ve been using this handy little gel for about 10 days and surprisingly I see a bit of a difference! Now, let me just say that after 10 days of course my dark circles are still there because let’s be honest, they’ve been there for 10 years it’s going to be a bit of a battle here.

before and after

In the after picture on the right, you’ll notice that the darkness is a bit lighter. Thankfully, it’s taking less and less concealer to hide them everyday which is always a plus. I use my Radha eye gel every morning after I cleanse and tone my face and again at night before bed and follow it up with a retinol moisturizer in the morning and a bit of argan oil at night.

It’s as simple as that! 

Dark circles are manageable; half the battle is finding the right product and having a bit of patience! I’ve also incorporated Radha’s Vitamin C Serum and Retinol Moisturizer into this little routine in the morning before I put on my makeup and my skin feels incredibly hydrated all day! A good moisturizer is so so important and a must for any girl. You 100% will not see a change overnight but remember that with a good skin care routine anything is possible.


Disclosure: Radha Beauty Products used in this post were provided on behalf of BrandBacker for testing and reviewing purposes. All content and opinions are 100% my own.


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