Perfectly Paula Dorf

I, like many women, have my morning skin care and makeup routine down to a precisely timed routine. I know I have a certain amount of time allotted to the cleansing, toning, and moisturizing of my skin before I start cutting into my makeup time and if makeup time gets rushed, hair time is affected and then I’m walking out the door looking like a hot mess.

Completely unacceptable.

Enter Perfect Color by Paula Dorf

paula dorf

This little silver box just happens to hold a three in one makeup stick.


Blush, eye shadow, and lipstick all in one. Now naturally I was skeptical. Intrigued, but definitely skeptical. How? There was no way one color would work on all three places right? Well sort of.

After days of shading, blending, and mixing I found that I didn’t really love the sparkly pink shade as a lipstick. I just wasn’t into it to be honest. As a blush and eye shadow I’m obsessed. It’s the perfect shade for both and has shaved a few minutes off of my morning routine. Unlike most cream based blushes it wasn’t cakey at all! Just a quick dab on the apples of my cheeks with a little smoothing and I was good to go! To use it as a shadow I added a bit of my pale pink Younique shadow in Vulnerable and a darker pink shadow for a bit of a pop!


Overall, I really love my Paula Dorf Perfect Color stick; if you’re as obsessed with this shade as I am the color is called Ecstasy and you can grab yours here PLUS when you enter the code ECSTASY you’ll receive a free gift with purchase! In addition to all of that, Paula Dorf is giving away an entire makeup kit valued at $125 that you can enter to win here!

Sleep in and shave a little time off of your morning routine with Paula Dorf!

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Disclosure: Paula Dorf Products used in this post were provided on behalf of BrandBacker for testing and reviewing purposes. All content and opinions are 100% my own.


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