Must Have Monday–Spring Shift Dresses From The Pink Pelican


Spring is 100% my favorite season. Not only is my birthday in spring, but everything is in bloom! As the temperatures rise and the layers come off my go to outfit goes from an oxford and jeans to a shift dress and sandals…most likely Jack Rogers but that’s an entirely different convo. Like every other preppy girl on the planet, I’m OBSESSING over spring Lilly right now. Like falling in love with every piece/would give my left kidney for the entire collection/am mentally estimating how much closet space I would need to store it all. While it is all utter perfection, there is one item that in my opinion Lilly Pulitzer does better than virtually any other brand on the planet; the shift dress.

My sudden urge to buy any and all Lilly shift dresses was kicked into overdrive when I walked outside today into a sunny and downright hot day in South Florida.

My immediate thought?


Where do I go for ALL of my Lilly needs? The Pink Pelican duh.

Like I said, I absolutely die for shift dresses in the springtime and to be completely honest I could probably spend 2 or 8 blog posts just talking about all of my favorite shifts. Lucky for you, I’ve narrowed it down to my top 5 Lilly faves from The Pink Pelican PLUS a super special surprise at the very end of this post!

Let’s get started!

First up, a few little navy numbers because let’s be honest, navy is essential.

The Charlena shift in true navy is the epitome of simple beauty.

Charlena ShiftCharlena Shift

Are you in love? I’m in love.

Dress it up with fun statement jewelry and heels like in the photo on the left, or keep it casual with minimal jewelry and fun gold sandals like the Pink Pelican model on the right! Either way is perfect for those cool spring days and nights.

The second little navy dress I’m lusting after for spring is the Sylvie V-Neck Shift Dress

sylvie shiftsylvie shift

If you aren’t a huge fan of huge prints on dresses but still want that classic Lilly feel, this shift is for you! Because this particular shift is a bit on the short side, I personally, would pair it with a pair of Jack Rogers or a pair of fun little sandals like the Pink Pelican model on the right has done.

The last navy shift on this list is The Rosie Shift 

Rosie shift Rosie Shift

The detail on this shift is just so delicately beautiful. Pair it with a pair of nude wedges like the Kristin wedges or a pair of Jack Rogers Georgicas (my go-to sandal), for a simple spring look!

The last two shift dresses on my must have list for spring are classic Lilly Pulitzer styles; number four is this years take on the lace longer sleeved shift; The Meryl Dress

Meryl ShiftMeryl Shift

You really can’t go wrong with lace, can you? Definitely break out the gold Kristin wedges with this dress like the Pink Pelican model on the right.

The last dress on my list is by far my favorite because for me, spring means bright prints!

Meet The Brooke Tunic Dress in Hippy Hippy Shake

Brooke Tunic DressBrooke Tunic Dress

If you’re a bit on the shorter side like I am, this dress will hit a little closer to the knee and can be paired with cute little sandals for a casual day look!

A good shift dress is hard to find; between the fit, color, length, and personal sleeve preference it can be a bit overwhelming at times for sure!  The key to finding the perfect shift for you is to start shopping now.


Lucky for you, myself and The Pink Pelican have you covered and just for my followers and blog readers a very special surprise when you use the referral code SOFLAGRLPROBZ at checkout!

Spring is just around the corner!

Happy shopping!


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