My Ultimate Derng Wishlist!


I love Derng!

I’ve obsessed over Derng more times than I can count here on le blog and roughly once a week one of their bright and blingy baubles makes an appearance in my OOTD posts. This post is incredibly overdue but I found myself perusing their site today and decided to create the ultimate Derng wishlist. Don’t forget that you can use SOFLAGRL at checkout for a discount on these 7 Derng must haves for your jewelry box.

A Derng Watch

derng two tone watch

Derng has an incredible selection of watches! From small and dainty to big and boyfriend style, there is a watch for everyone! SHOP WATCHES

The Rose Gold Beauty Bracelet

rose gold beauty bracelet

Essential. This bracelet is not only gorgeous but it is a quality made piece with a bit of weight to it. I like to layer my beauty bracelet with lots of smaller bracelets or pair it with my watch for a simple and cute stack. GRAB YOURS!

Pave Sideways Cross Bracelet

sideways cross bracelet

Remember those light layering bracelets I talked about? These are the ones I’m currently loving! Available for purchase in either a set or individually in gold, rose gold, or silver; these bracelets can be worn alone or in a stack! PS: I spied all three on Sarahbelle in her Huge Spring Haul video!! GRAB YOURS!

Turquoise Studs


The studs are even more beautiful in person! Featured in Southern Living magazine, these little babies are the perfect addition to any outfit! Personally, I like to pair mine with something simple like a plain white button up and jeans. GRAB YOURS!

Cable Gunmetal Pearl Bracelet

cable gunmetal pearl bracelet

True Life: I’m a sucker for anything with pearls but add gunmetal to the mix and I’m hooked. I’m in love, I’m in love! How gorgeous is this bracelet? With a Yurman-esque feel to it you can’t go wrong! Pair it with a plain black tee or layer it with your Derng watch 😉 GRAB YOURS!

Gatsby Gold Necklace

gatsby gold necklace

I’m still in my Gatsby phase and honestly I don’t think I’ll ever leave it! The stunning but simple jewel style of that period is captured perfectly in this piece. Slip this necklace on with a chambray shirt or a Jcrew vneck and let it shine! GRAB YOURS!

The Delicates Collection: Cross

the delicates cross

LIVE in this necklace. This piece is so small and stunning it’s perfect for when you’re in the mood to just layer on the necklaces. This small gold pendant sits perfectly in place and honestly I probably wear mine three times a week. No seriously, it’s that perfect. You need. GRAB YOURS!

There you have it, 7 Derng must haves for your jewelry box oh and did I mention that when you use SOFLAGRL at checkout you’ll receive a discount on your order?


What are you waiting for?!

Click on the Derng logo on the right hand side and start shopping!


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