Why Sons of Liberty Was The Best Thing To Come From The History Channel Since The Hatfields and the McCoys Saga

Something awesome happened this week; dare I say, something downright revolutionary happened this week. A new and exhilarating mini series debuted on the History Channel. I can’t even put into words how excited I was when I first saw the commercial for Sons of Liberty but I think it went a little something like “OH. MY. GOD.


I love history, it was always my favorite subject in school and growing up in Southern Virginia I was surrounded by historical places and monuments. From Jamestown to Williamsburg I’ve seen it all; I consider James Madison and Thomas Jefferson some of my favorite people, my bros if you will. This being said, I was ridiculously pumped to see the History Channel take on the story surrounding the people and events leading up to the Revolutionary War.



The cast isn’t half bad-looking either.

I love a good mini series; you hook me in on the first night and I’ll stick with you for the entire ride. Despite my love of a TV event I have to admit, I haven’t really gotten into a History Channel mini series since the Hatfields and the McCoys drama (currently on Netflix) so you could say I had pretty high expectations. On the very first night viewers were introduced to the early players in the revolutionary game: Sam Adams, John Hancock, John Adams, and Paul Revere. Revere plays a pretty minor role this first night but here we learn a ton about the relationship between Sam and John Adams. Sam Adams is a lovable guy who accidentally incites a riot that leads to the destruction of the governor’s mansion (casual) and after finding himself in a heap of debt, turns to the incredibly wealthy John Hancock for help. They organize a smuggling operation which eventually gets shut down but when a young boy is shot down the seeds of independence that have been planted begin to grow.



Going into the second night post Boston Tea Party, we see a lot more of Paul Revere and meet even more “Sons of Liberty” including Benjamin Franklin and George Washington. While Franklin defends the Boston colonists, Washington encourages the trio to form their own army and after a tumultuous yet exciting course of events including the shot heard around the world, we find our boys headed to war.


The third and possibly the most exciting night kicks off with the battle of Lexington and eases us into the battle of Bunker Hill all while showing viewers the semantics and process behind the construction of the Declaration of Independence. Franklin and the boys dive into lobbying for support while the armies on both sides prepare for war.



Go get em GDub!

Watching this series I felt like a fly on the wall in Boston, it was awesome and educational all at the same time. Now I’m not saying every little detail is historically accurate. I don’t think this mini series is meant to teach you everything you ever needed to know about the events leading up to the Revolutionary War.

Let’s be serious here. 

This is an awesome piece of television and honestly at the conclusion of the third part I thought about going outside and screaming FREEEEDOMMMM just because I could. Basically this mini series will leave you feeling like even more of a badass American than you started out as and you can currently/absolutely should watch the entire thing online. CLICK HERE TO WATCH

Ps: It’s sponsored by Sam Adams Beer so really you can’t go wrong.



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