Preparing For The Return of ShondaLand

It’s finally here! The return of TGIT is upon us!


Was that the longest hiatus known to man or what?

You’re all survivors in my book.

Now that we’ll finally be riding the weekly rollercoaster that is ShondaLand once again, there are five must haves and preparations that will ensure a seamless transition back into your Thursday night routine. 

  • Wine–What better that a bottle of smooth red to guide you through a TGIT gasp fest?


  • Popcorn–Like you’ll be able to eat an actual meal while trying to comprehend medical terminology and avoiding the Greys induced feels?


Trust me it’s not possible.

  • Tissues–The feels! So many feels!


  • Acceptance–There is no “normal plot line” in Shondaland.


  • Patience–You’ve been waiting months for the return of TGIT you can sit still for three straight hours.


Excited yet?  Brave the snow and gather your supplies. TGIT is only TWO days away and if I’ve learned anything, it’s that you don’t want to miss a Shonda premiere.



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