Must Have Monday–Lilly Pulitzer Carded ID Wristlet

Wristlets are a total pain.


I’m the girl that lives out of her handbag. No honestly, my Longchamp is like a Mary Poppins bag; if you need it I probably have it. Here’s the thing about my bag, it’s crazy heavy and I hate having to pick and choose what I want to transfer to new bags or toting a giant bag when I’m heading to the gym or on a quick Starbucks run. I’ve tried a zillion wristlets; nine times out of ten they zip or clasp shut and have a weird little slot where I’m supposed to fit my credit cards, money, chapstick, lip gloss, and naturally by the time I have the essentials in there I’m stuck carrying my cellphone which let’s be honest is incredibly risky so then I’m just standing there like:


Sound familiar?

Leave it to the ladies over at The Pink Palace to solve this dilemma.

Meet Lilly Pulitzer’s Carded ID wristlet.

Lilly carded ID wristlet

When in doubt, Lilly out.

Well naturally I needed one and the Fishing for Compliments print just spoke to my soul.

Fishing for Compliments wristlet


When I find a little Lilly that I fall head over heels for I instinctively turn to my favorite pink ladies at The Pink PelicanWhy? Well, not only are they a female owned Lilly signature store but The Pink Pelican is one of those special little gems that you don’t want anyone to know about. Say for example, you completely die over a Lilly dress or accessory on the main site. You’re ridiculously excited, I mean foaming at the mouth/saying a silent prayer that your size is still in stock when the unthinkable happens…”out of stock”. Devastating I know, trust me I’ve been there too. This exact situation is why I skip the heartbreak and head straight to The Pink Pelican for all of my Lilly needs. Not to can currently preorder a few items from the Spring line INCLUDING new prints for that handy little wristlet I obsessed over above.


Click The Pink Pelican logo on the right and start shopping!


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