Splenda Flavors For Coffee Will Change Your Life.

My love affair with Splenda has been a long one. Since discovering this zero calorie sweetener many many years ago I can honestly say I don’t travel without it. No seriously, if you reached into my Longchamp on any given day it’s pretty likely that you’ll fish out at least 3-5 little yellow and blue packets. I can’t imagine life without it and honestly I don’t want to. This being said, I was over the moon to receive a box of not only my old friend Splen but the newest members of the Splenda family, Flavors for Coffee.


Now I love coffee, in a perfect world I would walk around with an IV of coffee at all times; in the words of the great Lorelai Gilmore:



But I digress.

These new Splenda Flavors for Coffee are phenomenal.


For example, occasionally I swap out my plain dark roast coffee for a hazelnut blend with a bit of hazelnut non-dairy creamer. This time, I also swapped out my standard Splenda for a hazelnut flavored packet and honestly it was like slipping into a cozy festive sweater. Not only did it sweeten my coffee, but it gave the hazelnut flavored coffee a bit of a boost.


I fell deeply and madly in love.

The next day, I tried out the french vanilla flavor. Now I’m ashamed to say that a few weeks back in a frantic and albeit desperate state I purchased the most heinous and foul blend of coffee I have ever encountered in my life. Like I would rather lick dirt or *gasp* go without coffee than drink this slop.

Enter French Vanilla Splenda Flavor for Coffee.

Paired with a plain non dairy creamer and two french vanilla packets my tragic cup of tar was transformed into the warm cup of life that I was so accustomed to.


With that first sip I was hooked.

Run, don’t walk, to your local grocery store and stock up on these new additions to the Splenda family. These lightly flavored sweeteners will change your life, I promise.

Well done Splenda. Well done.

Disclosure: SPLENDA® Sweetener Products used in this post were provided on behalf of SPLENDA® Brand. All content and opinions are 100% my own.


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