How To After Party Sale Like A Pro


Second only to Christmas, the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale is perhaps my favorite day of the year. It comes around twice and is always more incredible than I imagined it could be. I snagged TONS of goodies in the post summer APS but am choosing to sit this one out and share a little wisdom. Grab a pen and paper and write down these tips to snagging all the Lilly you’ve been lusting over.

  • Make an account with Lilly–If not for easing the process of checkout during the sale but for the new arrival alerts! But don’t just create your account, no, actually completely fill out all of the required information AND fill in your credit card/billing information! This makes checkout during those first few hours of the sale as simple as 1, 2, 3!
  • Multiple orders–It’s a total pain when you’re waiting for your APS order to ship but adding an item to your cart and immediately checking out ensures that you’ll snag that adorable maxi dress you’ve been coveting since the resort release. Multiple order numbers is better than no order numbers, amiright?
  • Lilly Signature Stores–Most of the time, Lilly Pulitzer signature stores are honoring APS sales prices and if you’re lucky they’re even offering returns on those impulse buys you may not be 100% sure of. Last sale I missed out on the cutest tank in my size so I headed over to The Pink Pelican and much to my surprise they had that AND lots of other sold out goodies all at discounted prices!

Example: this dress is currently sold out on the Lilly site but still available over at The Pink Pelican for the APS price!


  • Patience–I cannot stress this enough. Yes, not being able to shop the sale right away is frustrating and yes the delay is annoying but here’s the thing; you are not the only one up before the sun, coffee in hand, ready to give your credit card a workout. Nope. Thousands, dare I say it, MILLIONS of other women are in the same starting position in front of their laptop. Imagine it like this: There are six million of you trying to get through one door. At the same time. Glitches are inevitable. Let me take you back a few years, back to my very first APS experience when the site would actually crash about every 10-15 minutes and then take about an hour to be fully functional again. Awful right? Well this is why the delay exists now, so while you’re sitting there, waiting for it to be your turn to buy all the Lilly, probably fuming remember: it could be way way worse.

Happy After Sale-ing



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