Holidays Are For Hibernation, Right?

Christmas has always been my favorite holiday and no it’s not because of the things and presents. I love Christmas because spending that one day with my family, free from distractions from the outside world, is honestly the highlight of my year. That being said, I took a bit of time off from blogging and yes I do realize that I am mega late in posting this outfit but whatever, blame it on the Svedka and the food coma.


Tis the season to prioritize your life a bit and disconnect.

Trust me.


Dress–Kohls (Last Season)

Pearl Bracelet–Waccamaw Pearls

Cross Bracelet–Derng *Use SOFLAGRL at checkout for a discount*

Necklace–Derng *Use SOFLAGRL at checkout for a discount*


Blanket Scarf–Sassy and Vixen **Use SOFLAGRL for a discount**

Monogram Ring–Best Name Necklace

Tote–Rich Girl Rags *Use SOFLAGRL at checkout for a discount*

Boots–Hope’s (Last Season)


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