Must Have Monday–Blowfish for Hangovers

Blowfish for Hangovers

Hangovers are the devil; there’s no getting around them. You can lessen them with Drinkwel vitamins but in the end you’ll still feel some kind of discomfort. What no one tells you is that as you get older the intensity of that “mild discomfort” evolves into a feeling of being run over by an 18 wheeler. Looking back at my early twenties and my college years, I am honestly impressed at how easily I rallied post drinking and to be blunt I’m not even sure how I survived.


Here, today, in my late twenties, one night of boozing leaves me with the mother of all hangovers; honestly I’m out of commission for the entirety of the next day. Am I old? Is there something wrong with me? Why does no one warn you that this happens?! Refusing to literally take this lying down, I went on a hunt to find my way out of this dilemma. My old college hangover remedy (a shot of whiskey, peppermint tea, and classic Lays) was rendered useless. I was helpless. I began taking Drinkwel vitamins which did lessen the intensity of my hangover and while I was no longer driving the post drinking struggle bus, I was definitely still sitting in the first row.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago when I discovered Blowfish for Hangovers


Could this be the hangover remedy I’ve been searching for? Had I found the Holy Grail?


The two main ingredients in Blowfish are an NSAID aspirin and caffeine. So what does this do? The aspirin is similar to Aleve and the caffeine is like chugging coffee, which most people tend to turn to when hungover. Both ingredients are packed into two effervescent tablets that you simply drop into a glass of water. Curious and I’ll admit a bit intrigued, I decided to test out Blowfish with the nastiest of hangovers, the wine hangover.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt personally victimized by a wine hangover.


I drank my standard amount of wine and in the morning I felt like I always felt after dancing with Lady Cab all night; like I had been run over repeatedly by every form of transportation known to man. It wasn’t pretty to say the least. I grabbed a glass of water and dropped in one packet of Blowfish for Hangovers. 

blowfish for hangovers

As I watched the bubbles rise to the top, I considered just throwing myself off the nearest cliff because honestly anything was better than the slow march towards death I was currently enduring. I downed my bubbly concoction and decided to use a Gossip Girl Netflixathon to gauge how long it was before I felt the full effects. Halfway through my first episode, so about 20 minutes in, I felt invigorated. While not completely hangover free yet, I was able to peel myself out of bed, put on real clothes, and head to Starbucks for an iced green tea. After about 40 minutes I felt awesome! I had energy, naturally I was starving, but I had energy!

In that moment I wanted to propose to my Blowfish tablets.

Since then, I’ve revamped my drinking techniques to include both Blowfish and Drinkwel which seems to do the trick and right before New Years! If drinking leaves you completely immobile, read up on this little lifesaver and then head to your nearest CVS and pick up your Blowfish for Hangovers! 

Starting the new year with a hangover is so 2000 and late.


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