Color Me Infused

I’m not a big water drinker so unless I’ve just battled through a 3 hour long cardio sesh, it’s pretty rare for me to be seen guzzling the non alcoholic clear stuff. Water is important; it keeps your skin clear, gives you a bit of a glow, and keeps your kidneys in check. A few years back I had a bit of a health scare and decided to make a change. Vowing to drink more water, I was determined to find some way to make it more appealing. Many of those sprinkle in powders or liquid droplets are high in sugars and other junk you shouldn’t be putting into your body…no bueno. Skip the sugary stuff and head for your produce section.

Let’s talk infusions.

infused waters

I touched on the subject of infused waters a while back when I shared with you my favorite detox water but infused waters can be so much more than a lemon slice here or a mint leaf there, there are TONS of other options! Infused waters are a great way to detox don’t get me wrong but to me, it’s so much more than that! Personally I infuse my waters because I think water shouldn’t have to taste plain.

Why be boring, amiright?

Deciding what kinds of fruits to put in your water and how long to let your water soak up the fruit juices is tricky and honestly depends on the fruits/add ins. Lucky for you I’m basically a professional at this point.

First up, your standard lemon or lime infused water.

lemon infused water

This recipe is super simple and quick. Before you slice and drop make sure you scrub the skin of your lemons and limes with hot water, trust me on this. My general rule for making large batches of citrus infused waters is to let them sit overnight but if you’re making a solo batch you can just place the slices in your cup and poke a few holes in your slices before you top with water. The holes will help your water infuse much faster. It’s like letting it sit overnight without it actually sitting overnight, perfect for when you’re rushing out the door in the morning. Lemon infused water is perfect hot or cold at any time of day; I usually start my day with a small mug of hot lemon water and a dash of cayenne pepper (both aid in digestion and the spice keeps your metabolism in overdrive).

Berry infused waters are a bit different and at times tricky.

berry infused water

Here’s the thing about berry infused waters, as the juice mixes with the water it starts to break down the berry and you get those weird little fruit particles. Personally, I don’t enjoy this but if it doesn’t bother you ignore the next few steps and go ahead and drop some fruit in your pitcher of filtered water with a few sprigs of basil or mint and let it infuse overnight. If it does bother you as much as it bothers me, slice your berries and place them in an ice cube tray and simply freeze your berries in ice cubes. The berries will infuse the ice cubes and when you’re ready, just pop them into your water; your water will stay cold and be infused at the same time.

Smart right?

The very last water infusion I’m sharing with you just happens to be the one I toted around town with me today, apples and cinnamon infused water.

apple cinnamon infused water


This water is so crisp and light and super simple to make. Depending on the size of your batch you’ll need either one small red apple (I prefer a gala or fiji variety, something crisp) and either cinnamon sticks or if you don’t have them, plain cinnamon powder which you can find in the spice/baking aisle of your grocery store. This particular combo is 100% better if you allow it to sit overnight. Again depending on the size of your batch of infused water, you’ll either need just a dash of cinnamon or as much as one teaspoon. Use your best judgement for this one.

I used to keep pitchers of various infused waters in my fridge and honestly after a few days of mint, lemon, cucumber water I found myself growing sick of it and wanting something new.

Enter my new infusion bottle.


I’ve been toting this little baby around with me everywhere.

Naturally I managed to snag mine on RueLaLa for under $25 but if you can’t wait for this handy little bottle to reappear on my favorite discount site, you can pay a bit more for it at Kohl’s or find something similar elsewhere. It is glass so you will need to be careful with it but on the plus side it’s completely dishwasher safe and super simple to use; simply place your fruits of the day in the bottom, screw the bottom lid on tightly and fill it with water.


Stay hydrated…



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