Outfits And Outbursts

While I loved this past giveaway series I did neglect my usual blogging responsibilities and it was awful. While I was “away”, here’s what we missed.

  1. I spent 85% of my time in Norts and an oversized _______ but honestly who’s even surprised?
  2. The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show happened and as predicted I broke up with carbs. Now taking bets on how long that will last.
  3. I fell in love with Hozier.
  4. It got cold in SoFla. No like mid 50s, make me wonder why I even live here if I get cold with no snow, kind of temps.
  5. I reconciled with pasta…angel hair pasta leads to angel wing bodies amiright?
  6. Oh and I wore real clothes…occasionally.

Yes, despite running around town like a complete psycho shopping for last minute Christmas gifts, I did manage to dress like a human being a few times and naturally each time I did it was so flawless Beyonce herself would’ve sang to me.

IMG_7181IMG_5557IMG_5596 IMG_5595

Shop each look below. 

White top–Rich Girl Rags *Use SOFLAGRL at checkout for a discount*

Sequin Leggings–The Flaunt Shop *Use SOFLAGRL under “view cart” for a discount*

Monogrammed Key Necklace–Best Name Necklace

Black Earrings–LuEls

Pearl Bracelet–Waccamaw Pearls

Garnet Scalloped Dress–Rich Girl Rags *Use SOFLAGRL at checkout for a discount*

Blanket Scarf–Sassy and Vixen **Use SOFLAGRL for a discount**

Mint Long Sleeve–Southern Shirt Co. *Use Jacquie10 at checkout for a discount*

Watch–Derng *Use SOFLAGRL at checkout for a discount*

Monogram Ring–Best Name Necklace

Block Monogram Necklace–Best Name Necklace

Pearl Earrings–Waccamaw Pearls

Bow Headband–Devon Alana

Boots–Hope’s (Last Season)

Now back to your regularly scheduled posts this coming week while I plan a few New Years shenanigans…

Until then,



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