The Final Day!–Kiss My Southern Sass

This giveaway series has been such a blast! I’m so glad I could introduce a few of yall to some great new brands and of course give away some of my favorite things. I felt a little like the lovechild of Oprah and Ellen ya know? Anyway, there are roughly 4 hours left to enter the very last giveaway of this 12 Days of Giveaways series and of course I had to close out this series with a brand that holds a very special place in my heart, Kiss My Southern SassDo I even have to say how much I love my KMSS ladies?

They’re my family.

Besides that, KMSS has lots of brand new goodies perfect for gifts to give or keep as a little present for surviving another semester in school/year of life.

We made it!

For today’s giveaway, I along with the brains behind KMSS decided to give away two, yes TWO long sleeve shirts and one of them is brand new for fall and winter.


I know. I can’t wait for mine to arrive either!


PS: Are you shopping KMSS this holiday season? Use @SoFlaGrlProbz at checkout for a discount!


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