Day 5 of 12–Best Name Necklace

Well naturally I’m giving away a monogram necklace!

giveaway item

Best Name Necklace is my go to for monogrammed jewelry; you name it they’ve got it and I probably own it. From silver and gold, to necklaces and rings, if you can think it up they can create it. I adore them. Not only are all of my pieces more stunning than I imagined they would be but they’re all durable. How annoying is it to get a cute piece of jewelry that feels like it’s made of tin foil? These babies are thick and won’t break the bank either. Want a peek at my collection?

FullSizeRender (9)

Need a close up of the ring?


Like I said: If they make it, I probably own it.

Spoiler alert: I may or may not have gotten myself something else.

What? Holiday shopping is hard!

Have you got a monogram necklace on your wish list this year? Why buy one when you can win one, amiright?



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