Day 4 of 12–Obsession Boutique

Today is the biggest giveaway so far and you’d be absolutely crazy not to enter but before we go there, let’s talk a little bit about today’s giveaway sponsor Obsession BoutiqueBased out of Louisiana, this little boutique has everything from killer boots to stunning handbags.

Remember my little baby Blair Waldorf?


She’s an Obsession steal…not to mention incredibly stunning.

I love Obsession not just for their accessories but because their clothes range from simple closet staples like piko tops and sweaters, to fun little dresses that can take you from work to play.

Oh and shoes…did I mention shoes?

Ps: I’m still living in my Obsession wedges.



Sticking with the “Favorite Things” theme I’ve got going on here; I figured that well you wouldn’t be able to buy all of my favorite things from Obsession Boutique because well even I couldn’t narrow it down. Just flipping through their Instagram I fell in love with two more items today:


Black handbags are my kryptonite.

Take a second and obsess with me over Obsession Boutique and then go enter today’s giveaway! I’m giving away a $100 gift card and if you’re anything like me…you’re gonna need every single penny.



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