Spotlight Sunday–Buen Camino Candles

I’m not a big candle girl; a Yankee Candle here and there but other than that I’ve never been to into candles. This being said, I tend to give candles as gifts and keep a pine scented one around the house during the holiday season because festive. As I geared up for my annual holiday candle haul, I came across Buen Camino candles and was intrigued.

Fast forward to one week and five candles later…


Is there really a limit when it comes to candles?

I managed to get my hands on their Pumpkin Souffle, Cool Cotton, Creme Brulee, Spiced Cranapple, and for a bit of a festive feel a Merry Christmas Tree candle. Each candle is incredibly fragrant and dare I say it that this little brand based out of Athens, Georgia is giving the bigger companies a run for their money.

Now while I originally planned to give all of these away as gifts for my friends and family, I have to admit that the first time I lit the Pumpkin Souffle candle I had a change of heart and this heavenly scent is all mine.

Shop small this holiday season and check out Buen Camino candles online!

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