HELP I’ve Buzzfeeded And I Can’t Get Up!



I can’t be the only one who loves it in fact, I know I’m not because I see various yet hysterical articles on my Facebook timeline literally all day long. I could waste hours on Buzzfeed actually I have and it was quite possibly the most majestic few hours of my entire life. One night, locked in a Buzzfeed spiral I stumbled across their YouTube page and found a ridiculously hilarious new genre of Buzzfeed videos.

People try/taste ______for the first time.

Curious, I decided to take my chances with Americans Taste International Alcohols for the First Time mainly because the title just screamed “watch me“. I was hooked and eventually moved on to the foods. One after another I was more and more entranced.


Literally these videos make my day. When I’m feeling sad or down I get on Buzzfeed and watch a new one I promise you that Americans trying foreign foods is always a winner. Just today I watched People Try Moonshine for the First Time and was not disappointed.

So in case your Thursday is off to a rough start, from me to you:

People Try Moonshine for the First Time


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