Thank Goodness For Marley Lilly

So a few days ago, I received a tan and black monogrammed windbreaker/rain jacket from Marley Lilly and honestly I was just so excited to have a cute but light pullover for when it’s only slightly chilly outside. Prior to unwrapping this beauty my only choices were a plain black fleece which would be way to thick/hot, my super cute but sleeveless Marley Lilly fleece vest, or well….nothing. This morning, I woke up to potentially the worst weather a South Floridian can imagine, cold and rainy. Now when I say cold I mean SoFla cold, low 60s and incredibly windy; either way it’s super unpleasant. I racked my brain and my wardrobe trying to figure out how to dress myself. Any girl that lives in my neck of the woods will tell you that when the temps dip below 75 we suddenly forget how to make ourselves warm.

I wish I was kidding.

Thankfully, my many many many winters in the Blue Ridge Mountains were not in vain and I can layer like you wouldn’t believe. First, I grabbed the essentials; riding boots, skinny jeans, and a scarf. Then I peeked outside and started the thinking process. Fleece doesn’t work out well in the rain; you start out warm and end up soggy/cold.

Skip the fleece, trust me.

Then I remembered…my Marley Lilly windbreaker!


I’ve never felt so blessed in my life!

Let me tell you a little about this little lifesaver; it’s a Charles River which in my book just screams quality and it’s got the double pocket thing going on. You know what I mean, the standard “slip your hands in the sides” pocket and then a little kangaroo pocket too that zips closed. Personally I like to reserve this pocket for my cellphone or chapstick.

Did I mention that this cute little quarter zip is monogrammed?

I mean duh it’s Marley Lilly of course it’s monogrammed! I stayed comfy, cozy, and more importantly dry in my outfit today!

Marley Lilly Windbreaker

Thank goodness for Marley Lilly amiright?


Monogrammed Windbreaker–Marley Lilly

Scarf–Sassy and Vixen *Use SOFLAGRL for a discount*

Boots–Hope’s (Last Season)


Necklace–Derng *Use SOFLAGRL at checkout for a discount*


Lips–NYX Perfect Red


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