Must Have Leggings For Fall

Let’s talk leggings. Whether you think they are pants or not, (news flash, they are), leggings have become a wardrobe staple. Since taking their place at the top of the basic betch must have list, leggings have evolved into more than just the alternative to jeans. From prints to patent leathers, there’s a legging for every occasion and today we’re covering the ones you need to have now. Like now now.

Basic Black


Yes, you really do need this many pairs.

Basic black leggings are essential critical to your survival, trust me. Black Leggings go with so many things, button ups, oversized tee shirts, dresses, everything! When purchasing your black leggings it’s better to buy in bulk but don’t get hung up on buying the cheapest pair you can find. Remember, you want quality here! The difference between a $5 pair and an $8 pair could be the amount of material between your tightly toned derrière and that pervy guy in your chem lab. My absolute favorite pair of black leggings are naturally from Target, shocking I know, and surprise they’re under $10 CLICK HERE to purchase!

Fleece Lined

fleece lined leggings

Originally, these only came in your basic black but this year they are available in all colors and sometimes even prints, but let not get ahead of ourselves here. If you don’t have the pleasure of living in a relatively warm climate like myself these are a must have. It’s like wrapping a new North Face jacket around your legs, before you wash it for the first time…when it still has that cloud like softness…yeah they’re that amazing. Your legs will thank you and pair them with boot socks and Bean boots for a cute but toasty outfit. Despite SoFla’s late arrival to the fall/winter party every year, I still snag a pair of these babies before they sell out because yes, it does in fact get cold here and it is brutal. Yep, you need them. CLICK HERE to buy your pair(s) now.

Pleather, Prints, and Sequins


Pleather or leather leggings are tricky, for these you’ll want to again, spend the money and get a quality pair. Also, be sure to pay attention to sizing; these can sometimes run a bit small and you’ll wind up looking, well, ridiculous. Last year I got a pair from Hope’s and I absolutely love them, CLICK HERE to purchase. The plaid pair can be found in a fleece lined version at a new fave; Sassy and Vixen and getting your hands on a pair of these must haves is as easy as CLICKING HERE. Remember, printed leggings should ALWAYS be worn with a solid top.

You wouldn’t mix polka dots with stripes in one outfit would you?

If you are, well…


But I digress.

Printed leggings are everything right now and everyone is just mad for plaid! But what if you’d like to sparkle a bit? Well that’s where the sequins come in! Now, I’ve seen the glitter leggings bouncing around my Instagram feed and with a resounding “NO” I just can’t condone the wearing of these.

Do you know you look like a walking disco ball?


Not to mention the way it shapes and conforms to your legs, nothing about these are flattering.

When it comes to sparkly or sequined leggings trust me when I say less is more. Opt for the styles that have a plain fabric back with sequins only on the front. One’s backside should never be that shiny, just…no. Don’t do it. The pair of sequin leggings I have in my closet are a sparkle do and surprise they are also from The Flaunt Shop. Now while I grabbed mine last season, they have been brought back for this season too! CLICK HERE for sequin leggings.

Leggings are crucial to your wardrobe. It’s like wearing pants without actually having to wear pants, but yes they are in fact pants. We’ve only scratched the surface here so get out there and explore the wonderful world of leggings! While you’re shopping, keep in mind, cheaper usually means less fabric and go easy on the prints and sparkles they’re pants not a painting.

Until next time…



I styled my leather leggings and it was glorious.


CLICK HERE to shop the entire look!


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