Makeup Monday–You Need Younique

I’ll be the first to admit I’m not a big makeup girl. I do the basics because without them my skin breaks out/freaks out because of all of the allergens in the air. For me, makeup is a need not just a want. In a previous post I discussed my struggle to find the perfect cleanser, toner, moisturizer, and makeup combo and now that I’ve got it I refuse to change it. It’s like finding your perfect Starbucks combo and then walking in one day and asking for the total opposite.

Absolutely ridiculous!

Because I’ve found my perfect base I’ve finally been able to fully explore the world of makeup. I’ve discovered a brand new word of lipsticks and glosses and shadows…OH MY!

I’m in love. No no, I’m obsessed.

In my What’s in J’s Makeup Bag post, you got a tiny peek into my growing lipstick collection and while I do enjoy trying out new lippys and am an NYX loyal, my good friend Laura Owens of LuEls has introduced me to what could potentially be my new go to for makeup extras; YouniqueHonestly I had never heard of Younique before. Like ever. But like any girl posed with the possibility of playing with lots of new and pretty makeup including their famed 3D fiber lashes, I was intrigued. I did my research while I waited for my box of beauty essentials to arrived. I watched countless hours of YouTube demos and thought to myself, there is no way this actually works this well. My lashes are pretty curly so they dont take much effort, I don’t wear much eyeshadow just a shimmer of neutrals every now and then, and I was pretty loyal to my CoverGirl liner mainly because we’d been together since high school!

Surely nothing could compare to that right?


It arrived and I fell in love.


The combo of Younique 3D fiber lashes, precision eye liners, minerals pigment eye shadow, and mineral lip gloss blew my whole routine right out of the water. Like I said before, my eye lashes are curly; extremely curly…like “don’t even attempt to glue falsies on them because it wont work” curly. 3D fiber lashes gave me the look of falsies without the weight of them and the bonus? No gluing or extra work, just a few swipes of the transplanting gel and the fibers and I was out the door.

It was that easy!

Now the shadows! Ah I can’t even tell you how vibrant they are! Laura was kind enough to send me Confident, Vulnerable, Innocent, Gorgeous, Giddy, and Feisty.

younique shadowsyounique shadowsyounique shadows

I’m currently living in Gorgeous and Confident but you can see the entire collection here

I obsess over them all!

I’m so used to having to do multiple layers just to get some sort of color/shimmer and with Younique? Just a dab and blend. I was floored. FLOORED. A little eyeliner on my lower lid which again took like two seconds to achieve desired shade of black smolder, a swish of mineral lip gloss in Luxe, and I was out the door. I had literally shaved 5 minutes off of my daily makeup routine.

Don’t believe me?

Below are my lashes with Younique on the left and plain mascara on the right

younique 3D fiber lashes

I know right?

I died too.

I got so many compliments from strangers on my lashes and lip gloss. Not to mention turning a few heads while traipsing around town.

Aren’t good makeup days just everything?

What are you waiting for?!

Shop Younique now!!


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