Must Have Monday: Lilly Pulitzer Planners

When it comes to planners, you have to be a little bit picky. Planners can make or break your actual life but at the same time, they can’t be ridiculously boring. You want to be excited about the day not dreading the list of things you have to do.

live colorfully


For that I turn to the Pink Palace…and Lilly Pulitzer of course!

As a Lilly Loyal I can pretty much always guarantee that I’ll be happy with the overall look of my planner. Now when I call myself a Lilly Loyal I mean I’ve turned to Lilly planners for the past three years straight…

Lilly Pulitzer Planners

What can I say? When I find something I love I stick with it.

There comes a time in the year, usually around July/August when I begin my hunt. I’m pretty serious about it; first I decide on size. How busy I am/plan to be determines the size of my planner. My senior year of college was a bit hectic so I went with the large version (top right) while last year I found my schedule had slowed down a bit and opted for the smaller pocket version (top left).

This year was different.

Balancing life, work, blog, and everything else became a bit tricky for me and I decided I needed not one but two planners. Sound stressful? As I began my hunt I found that nothing was really standing out to me. I wasn’t really wowed by any of the prints out there and forgive me for saying this but the classic beauty of Kate Spade’s black, white, and gold planners just didn’t appeal to me.


A bit discouraged I continued using my pocket planner and while on a trip to America’s Mart in Atlanta I found myself wandering around the Lifeguard Press booth and there, perched precariously on a shelf was the planner of my dreams. I was in love. Not only was it in my favorite print with my favorite animals but it was double bound too! No more spirals just a chic little book bound spine. The pages were colorful, familiar, and I was smitten. I made a mental note to hunt this baby down as soon as I got home and make it mine.

As I turned to my usual planner purchasing sources I was devastated to find that NO ONE was selling it. Not even Lifeguard Press! When in doubt I always turn to my favorites at The Pink Pelican


If it’s Lilly P. and sold out everywhere you can probably still find it at The Pink Pelican. 

They’re just that good. 

Lo and behold, there on the last page of planners was a pre-order link for what had now become the Loch Ness Monster of planners not to mention that as a frequent PP shopper I happened to be be holding a discount code as well.

It was basically fate. 

After months of patiently (lol) waiting it arrived, and it was as beautiful as the day I laid eyes on it.

Lilly Pulitzer Tusk in Sun Planner

I mean you die right? I absolutely died.

Prepare yourself.

It get’s even better.

The spiral is hidden inside for a more chic look.


And yes, it still comes with stickers.

Now because this planner is a 12 month planner, I haven’t been using it for my day to day planning yet but of course I’ve already put in important holidays and birthdays. While I wait to break this baby out, I’ve been using my cute little pocket planner.

Lilly Pulitzer Lilly Lovers Planner

Isn’t Lilly Lovers just the cutest print?!

Both planners fit easily into your tote or handbag and honestly I feel much more at peace knowing that I have these babies to keep me organized.

For Lilly planners and all of your Lilly Pulitzer needs, head over to The Pink Pelican and start shopping!



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