What’s In J’s Makeup Bag?!

I’m spilling every secret I know. 

Kidding, kind of.

I may not be spilling all of my secrets, but I am sharing what I keep in my makeup bag.


My life must haves, if you will.

My daily makeup bag is packed full of lots of different goodies so just for yall I have placed each of the items in little groups. Shall we start?

First up, the lips.


True Life: I’m addicted to chapstick.

I must must MUST have chapstick at all times. Carmex is a classic fave along with plain Chapstick medicated. Occasionally I branch out and try a nice organic brand or a Blistex but I always go running back to Carmex. Are you a chapstick addict too? Save a little money and buy the multipack. Trust me on this one.


Once my lips are moisturized, I move on to a little lipstick. Most of these are various shades of red but at the very end we have a must have for any avid lipsticker. ELF lip exfoliator. Lipstick dries out your lips; I don’t care what kind you use and how many essential oils it has in it; if you’re wearing it all day it’s drying out your lips. Here’s my trick: before you put on your LOTD (lipstick of the day), exfoliate using the ELF exfoliator, and wipe your lips clean. Next, apply a bit of medicated Chapstick  and do your eye makeup. Once the chapstick has soaked in apply your lip liner and lipstick. At the end of the day exfoliate your lips again after removing your lipstick.

Your lips will thank me.

Above are my must have lipsticks! By NYX (left to right): Snow White, Shocking Pink, Siren, Perfect Red, and Eden. ELF: Rosy-Go-Round and Lip Exfoliator. Other lipsentials include: a Mary Kay neutral lip liner, my Victoria’s Secret lip gloss in “Hottie”, and my pale pink ELF lip gloss in “Flirt”.


The next two little categories are eyes and hands. 

Now, I’ve been using the same brand of eyeliner since 2005. It goes on smoothly, looks incredible, stays all day, and is under $5. It’s CoverGirl Perfect Point eyeliner in black onyx. YEP! It’s drugstore brand! As far as mascaras go, finding this perfect little tube was a bit of a struggle. I tried them all and hated them all. Waterproof rips my eyelashes out and lots of other brands are just too heavy. Fed up with everything I stumbled across this tube of NYC lengthening Sky Rise mascara and the cost…$2 I know, I died too. Because I have naturally curly eyelashes, (trust me it’s less fun than it sounds) I keep a small sample size mascara to help pull any rogue lashes out of my eyeball and back into place.

As far as lotions I keep it simple with minimal chemicals and go for a little Johnson’s baby lotion or this JR Watkins mango lotion that is made up of 99.02% natural ingredients. Both have a light scent and moisturize without feeling too heavy or greasy. My hand sanitizers are from Bath and Body Works and I must confess, I loved the scents so much I bought them in bulk…as in I bought around 10 of them. It’s fine.

Because I’m a BareMinerals girl I don’t have to carry around a ton of makeup and instead I carry this handy little compact around with me for quick touch ups. The Touch Up Veil is so light you can apply it as many times as you need without feeling like you have on tons of makeup.


I’m obsessed.

Finally, the little things. You know the things that every girl should have in her makeup bag…just in case.


Hair clips (small, medium, and large), tweezers, a set of nail clippers, and the hangover holy trinity: eye drops, LYTEshow, and Vaseline. LYTEshow is a rapid rehydrator from Drinkwel that’s pretty much the love child of Gatorade and Pedialyte (CLICK HERE to read all about it).



These are my makeup bag essentials and yes it may seem like a lot but can you ever really be overprepared when it comes to looking good?




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