If You Wish It,You Might Just Win It!


Ah giveaways, I cant resist them. Once I find an item I absolutely love I just feel this need to make sure someone else gets to have it too.

Is this what Oprah feels like?


But I digress. This week, I am giving away a $50 yes FIFTY DOLLAR gift card to American Island Co. but before you rush on over to the giveaway page and settle in to a nice Rafflecopter routine; I’d like to give you a little peek at my AI wish list.

Plot twist: I’ll be living in long sleeves this fall. 


In this weeks haul, I fully obsessed over this melon and turquoise Comfort Colors long sleeve and I have to admit I am just absolutely dying for the temperature to dip below 80 so I can break this baby out/never take it off. Did I mention it also comes in SEVERAL other colors?

AIC_90_Back_1024x1024 AIC_LS_B_MintBerryCrunch_1024x1024 AIC_93_Back_1024x1024

This is just four of many many long sleeves they have.

Long sleeves not your thing? More of an oversized tshirt kind of lounger? American Island Co. has got you covered too!

AIC_Patriot_red2_back_1024x1024 AIC_SP14_Captain_Short_Back_1024x1024 AIC_Patriot_blue1_back_1024x1024

Pure American perfection…


Preach Paulette. Preach. 

The bad news is I’m not giving away hot dogs, but the good news is I AM giving away a gift card so you too can snap up your favorite or favorites from American Island. Not only will you be able to ENTER HERE but I am giving a special bonus entry to everyone who RTs THIS TWEET and follows myself and American Island Co. on Twitter.

Aren’t bonuses just the best? 

Check out American Island Co. online and good luck!!



Or check them out online!

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