Lilly and Rue and Monograms, OH MY!

I think hauls are my new favorite thing.

That being said this weeks is quite the haul and I don’t even have time/the words to express how phenomenal it is.


Let’s just dive on in shall we?

First up, the Lilly. Ah yes my final package from the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale arrived and can I just say, they sure know how to save the best for last. Before I show you the full dress, obsess with me over the print. I mean how perfect is Spa Blue Let’s Cha Cha for SoFla?!


I know. I gasped.

Ok, prepare yourself. If you thought the print was stunning, oh, brace yourselves ladies. I think I may love the Cordon dress more than I love the classic shift dress.


And when I put it on…..


If I had to live in any article of clothing everyday for the rest of my life it would be a Lilly Pulitzer Cordon dress.

Now, of course Lilly no longer has this dress on their website but lucky for you I happen to know a few ladies down in Alabama that still have this exact dress and the same dress in Jellies Be Jammin and Get Crackin! Need it? Want it? Gotta have it?

Head over to The Pink Pelican and order it now!

Next up are my RueLaLa steals of the week. I believe that happiness does in fact come in a black and white box. If you’re not on Rue, well, idek.

Let’s obsess.


Is there anything more essential to a wardrobe than a quality pair of black wedges and a good pair of sunnies? I don’t think so!

Let’s talk shoes. Remember those brown and leopard print wedges I stumbled across on Rue a few weeks back? These are their black and tan counterparts. When I say I need something in every color…I mean it. Now the sunglasses, I can honestly say these were an impulse buy but at the same time, I think sunnies are like shoes; you need a brown pair, a black pair, and a neutral. These are my neutral pair or something like that. Life is short, buy the sunnies. Naturally both of these boutiques have both closed but I will of course be tweeting a direct purchase link the second I see them for sale again! So first join Rue and then follow me on Twitter.

About midweek I found myself over on Rich Girl Rags website just absolutely dying for a new monogrammed anything. Why have one monogram when you can have two, amiright? Especially when I can use SOFLAGRL at check out and get a discount (wink wink)


Now, I’ve been basically living out of my Longchamp medium le pilage tote and while I do occasionally swap it out for a structured leather handbag I always find myself drifting back to its familiarity. Until this baby waltzed into my life. I mean just look at her.


Pink and white and perfect all over!

With a very Longchamp-esque vibe this little beauty may just be my new go to tote plus I may or may not have squealed like a 5 year old girl at Disney when I unwrapped it but whatever. In addition to snagging this Rich Girl Rags must (CLICK HERE), I also grabbed a canvas and pink makeup bag (CLICK HERE) with of course a Kelly green monogram. It’s huge enough to fit all of my lipsticks and powders but small enough to fit in my new tote!


Pink and green just speak to my soul. You Delta Zetas know what I mean right?!

But one tote isn’t enough. No no, what about a beach tote…that just so happens to come with an ID case and a smaller bag for suncreens etc.


These Ame & Lulu goodies were sent to me specifically for testing/reviewing purposes so all I can tell you about them right now is that they are even prettier in person and my goodness is this tote redefining the term “carry-all”. Stay tuned for a full review of this beautiful bundle!

The final piece of this week’s haul puzzle is from my new friends over at American Island Co.


Did I mention that it comes with a bonus? Don’t worry we’ll get there!

Of course I love koozies and stickers, who doesn’t?! But what I really love are long sleeve tees. Make it a Comfort Colors long sleeve and I’m going to want several of them. I’m not a big orange kind of girl, it’s just not in my color wheel, but this isn’t just orange, no no kittens this is like tangerine/mango and I adore it.

american island co


Now, for the surprise. I’m teaming up with American Island Co. to bring you a…GIVEAWAY! 

Starting on Friday you can enter to win a $50 gift card from us both to grab as many long sleeves, tanks, and tees as you’d like! Details will of course be right here on Thursday and I’ll give you a little peek at my favorite American Island wishlist!

Until then…



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