A Letter To The Other Woman…

To celebrate me finding my forever home at Kiss My Southern Sass and KMSS Bid Day I am sharing with you a little guest post that my stunningly beautiful KMSS sister, Taylor Brown.



This post is dedicated to all of those girls out there who think that stealing another girl’s man is “no big deal”, this letter is for you girl.

To the girl who “stole” the love of my life;

First off- how could you? As a fellow girl how could you? How could you think that it was okay to actively pursue another girl’s boyfriend? How could you think so little of me and my feelings? How could you sleep at night knowing that you were going behind someone’s back? Someone you know. Because unfortunately we were not strangers. How could you? How could you think it was okay to secretly say those things to him? How could you be that girl? The girl that caused a relationship to end horribly. A 4 year long relationship. You felt it was okay to pursue someone who had been in a relationship with someone you knew for 4 years. You liked our pictures together on social media and you told me how cute we were at a party once. You knew me. You are the girl who single handedly caused so much pain for another girl. You made another girl feel like she was worthless and not good enough and like her life was crashing. You did that. And you never thought twice about it.

But what I really want to say to you is that despite the months of pain you caused me and the thousands of tears you caused- you also single handedly showed me that I deserve better. So thank you. Thank you for showing me that another person does not “steal” your significant other. You were simply acting on a whim. Texting a guy you knew because you saw him in town. He was the one in a relationship with me and he should have never replied. He should have never told you he no longer had feelings for me and he should have never gave you false hope. So for that I am sorry. I spent months hating you and blaming you. I also spent months feeling sorry for you, because I knew he would not stay with you. Because like the secrets y’all had- he and I had some also and when he left you to come back to me, it was all the thoughts of you that helped me say no. It is continuous thoughts of you that keep me walking away from the past. It is also you that keeps me from settling for someone who could throw away 4 years with someone for a fling. It is you that keeps me from being with someone who could lie to me after 4 years and it is you that taught me what I deserve. I deserve someone who would have ignored your flirtatious text messages. I deserve someone who would never have led you on. I deserve someone who would have never given you the time of day. That may sound harsh, but it’s true. I deserve someone who is 100% in love with me and would have never given you a second glance because you will never compare to me. I know that without a doubt because I would never intentionally cause so much pain to another girl the way you did to me.

So tonight when you go to sleep, know I am no longer filled with hatred for you- I am actually thankful for you. I am thankful that you played a part in ruining my life for those few months. Because now I can be happy with someone who deserves me. So thank you from the bottom of my heart for being the horrible human being you are.


the ex girlfriend


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