Fall Haul–Prepsentials Part 1

My address may say SoFla but my soul says fall!

I love fall so much it literally breaks my icy little heart that I don’t get to really experience it here in South Florida. Growing up on five acres in Virginia, surrounded by trees, I used to wait for the first orange leaf to make its appearance. Here I just stare wistfully at the palm trees that surround me.

But I digress.

Despite the steady 80* days, I am refusing to be caught off guard by another arctic chill this year.

Wasn’t that just brutal?

Now is the time to start prepping your closet for fall with a few preppy essentials; closet staples that you will absolutely kick yourself for not picking up before the start of the season. Besides the endless supply of black leggings, PS they’re currently on RueLaLa, these are the things you need right now….well, some of them.

fall haul part 1

I like to call them, the Prepsentials.

The oxford.

Such a classic but for fall, we go oversized. Seem weird? Think about it; oversized sweaters with skinnies and riding boots are your go to outfit for fall right? Why not class it up a bit with an oversized oxford, tucked of course, pearl studs, and a simple necklace.

So so classic.

When I say I searched everywhere for this shirt, I do mean everywhere. While there are a few places that sell this prepsential, I can almost guarantee you that they’re sold out of oversized monogram oxfords. Naturally I’m sharing with you the one place that I’ve found that has both white and blue in stock, right now.


GO, right now. Get yours before they run out. Trust me. The oversized monogrammed oxford is poised to replace the oversized sweater this fall.

Yep, I said it.

Next up, the 1/4 zip.

sewsasse 1/4 zipsewsasse 1/4 zipsewsasse 1/4 zip

Why yes that is a Lilly Pulitzer elephant on it and yes, that print is Jellies Be Jammin’


I’m picky about my 1/4 zips, I don’t need a heavy fleece because let’s be serious, I’ll never wear it, and I need the inside to be that soft fuzzy material, the one that feels like clouds are rubbing against your skin. This little beauty from SewSasse has all of my requirements and the best part? I have a discount code for ya! Use SOFLAGRLPROBZ at checkout and take 15% off of your SewSasse goodies! Go, go, go!

The final must have for fall is a cute little dangly/tassel necklace.


Trust me when I say that these pictures do not do this gorgeous necklace justice.

I’m really into tassel necklaces this fall, blame Kendra Scott, but when I say I’m really into them I mean I really am. This beautiful piece is from Jacqueline Rose Jewelry and immediately took my breath away. The pale pink and silver beading is absolutely stunning and the way the sun catches it….I can’t even. It’s too beautiful for words.

Move over Kendra, there’s a new tassel in town. 

These fall faves are a must, like I said you’ll kick yourself if you wait on these. Actually no, let me paint you a picture: It’s early October, everyone is starting to break out their fall faves, and all you have are a few pairs of leggings, last years boots, and a sweater.

Horrifying isn’t it?

Start shopping now!



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