Spotlight Sunday–Tiffany’s Boutique

Oh I just missed writing Spotlight Sunday posts!

There are lots of changes coming to le blog but one thing that isn’t going anywhere is Spotlight Sunday! This week I want to share a new local business that I just happened to stumble across on Instagram, Tiffany’s BoutiqueThis cute little shop is where I found what I’m sure will become a gameday outfit staple; my burgundy scallop shorts.

photo (18)

I styled these comfy little bottoms a week or so ago for the first Redskins preseason game and will most likely break them out for FSU shenanigans. Yep I said it, SHENANIGANS. 

That’s right Tallahassee I’m coming for ya! 

In addition to these absolutely perfect shorts, Tiffany’s Boutique is also stocking up on all of your fall faves. From sweaters to scarves, they’ve got you covered. So while you’re grabbing a pair of these shorts for these last few warm days, snag a sweater too!

Did I mention you can use SOFLAGRL for a discount?


What are you waiting for?! Check out Tiffany’s Boutique online now!

Website–Shop Tiffany’s Boutique online

Instagram–Follow Tiffany’s Boutique on Instagram

Twitter–Follow Tiffany’s Boutique on Twitter


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