Confessions Of An Online Shopaholic–The Beginning

Ah online shopping, I love it so much sometimes I think I may need an intervention. The thrill of snagging the last one of those cute little wedges or finding the perfect LBD in your size, it’s an unimaginable rush. The agony of waiting for your perfect parcels to arrive is much like waiting for your sushi to be delivered after enduring a 3 hour workout just so you could consume that many carbs minus the guilt…but I digress. As I sat in my bed, doing my daily stalkage of RueLaLa and surrounded by those pretty little black and white boxes I realized “I get packages every week! I should be doing weekly haul posts!” Now if you aren’t familiar with a haul post it’s basically a “look at all of the things I bought” kind of deal. If you know anything about me you know I live for styling new purchases; sometimes I dream about adorable new outfits, it’s fine. With all of this being said, I’d like to welcome you to a new series I’m calling Confessions of an Online Shopaholic. Think of it as the preview to any future OOTD posts! Here you’ll see what kind of goodies I got that week and where you can snag a pair for yourself! Now, since a number of my purchases are from RueLaLa you’ll have to keep an eye out for them in future boutiques and follow me on twitter where I’ll be posting direct links to anything that repeats!

Got it?

Since this week is the kickoff and I have another…or 3 packages coming…I can’t remember, I’ll be doing two hauls this week! Depending on the amount of damage I’ve done to my bank account that week you’ll either see one haul a week or two.

Now let’s get down to business!

1st haul!

In this week’s haul we have a little Lilly P, the perfect gameday shorts, and my new favorite neutral; leopard.

Obviously, I’m gonna start with the Lilly Pulitzer right? I fell in love with this adorable little tank during the After Party Sale and just as I was adding it to my cart it sold out. I hate it when that happens, don’t you? Much to my delight, my favorite ladies at the Pink Pelican down in Huntsville, AL had all of their Lilly sale items for the same sale prices as on the APS! The best part? It came super fast and easy returns. Not like I would EVER return this beauty. Next up is sadly the only item that has come in from my Lilly APS adventure so far, (trust me there’s lots more) but none the less it is adorable. My new pink bow belt! Pink and a bow? What more could I want? Unfortunately this item is no longer available on the Lilly website but fortunate for you it’s still available at the Pink Pelican at the same sale price! CLICK HERE to purchase! The next item is brand new and from a little boutique that you’ll learn all about in an upcoming Spotlight Sunday feature! Shopping for gameday items is thankfully pretty easy for me because my two teams share the same colors: garnet/burgandy and gold/yellow.

I let you mull on it.

Did you get it?!

The Seminoles and the Redskins of course! So obviously when I saw these burgandy/garnet scalloped shorts on Tiffany’s Boutique well I just had to have them and they came just in time for the start of both regular football season and college football season. Could it be more perfect? CLICK HERE to purchase! Finally these wedges. OH MY GOODNESS if I could tell you how many times I saw these wedges and was like meh/on the fence you would hate me. Naturally, I consulted my closest friends and after much discussion we realized that leopard is in fact the new neutral. Groundbreaking I know. These Lucky Brand peep toe wedges were another RueLaLa find and let me just say; they fit like a glove. Have you ever put on a pair of shoes and heard a choir of angels singing? That’s how I felt. I’m currently on the hunt for them in black. It’s fine. Now these babies were a Rue find and of course I scoured the internet looking for them on any of the many retail shops I frequent but alas, I had no luck. SO, my best advice is to JOIN RUELALA NOW, follow me on twitter, and wait for me to post the purchase link… know they’ll be back!

How fun was that?!

Unfortunately, that is all of the packages I have gotten so far this week but like I said…..I do have several on there way and I’ll of course be sharing ALL of those goodies as soon as they arrive. Happy shopping!

Until next time…



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