Gimme All Of The RGR Monograms!!

Rich Girl Rags is one of those places you can find that _______ that you’ve been looking for. That thing that you didnt know you needed until you saw someone else had one and then you realized you needed it more than air.

Yeah RGR has it.

Most recently and might I add surprisingly, the ladies of Rich Girl Rags have started monogramming…..and it is just glorious. From monogrammed bow back tanks, to cute little dresses, to my favorite new item the bandeau top; RGR has you covered! I of course, am pairing my new bandeau top with a pair of Lilly Pulitzer bottoms that I just couldn’t find the matching top for and dare I say it…it looks even better! tumblr_n9g8clga3B1rqzfmno1_1280


So cute right?

After receiving my new cute and perfectly fitting top I thought “you know what? This is so perfect I just might give one away!” Well guess what….I AM! Yes, I am giving away a monogrammed bandeau top for this week only!! The winner will be chosen on Sunday morning and announced via twitter so if you aren’t following me on there yet, well, you’re missing out. Follow me! So how can you enter? There’s a tab for that! Click on the Rich Girl Rags Giveaway tab or you can CLICK HERE to enter!

Good luck!



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