The Needs.


I have a case of the needs.

I need several things. Or maybe I want several things? What’s important is the fact that I am indeed suffering from a serious case of the needs. But what are our needs but just an unrest with the things we have? I mean I find myself needing or rather wanting new things when I’ve become tired, bored, or restless with the things I do have and really is that the way we should live our lives?

My needs aren’t major needs. In fact they seem kind of silly as I sit here writing this post. I need a new Lilly planner…or two? I need a black and white skirt, I need a new ring, etc, etc, etc. These are all things that I will no doubt eventually get sick of and find new needs to replace them. Perhaps instead of being so quick to fulfill our immediate needs we should pause, take a step back, and really examine our needs.

What is the bigger picture? Where is the real unrest?

Currently in my life I know I am restless, it’s a bit of a pattern for me. I’d love for one day to be absolutely and completely happy with every aspect of my life, but as a woman in my mid-twenties I just don’t see that happening right now. I feel like at this stage in my life I can still make improvements. I like to believe that I am still evolving and growing as a person but at the same time I think that I have made some major changes. Quite honestly I am proud of the person I am becoming but I’ve still got a bit of work to do.

But aren’t we all under construction?

Think of yourself as a work in progress, we can all strive to become a better version of ourselves everyday. No one has their life figured out at 25 and nor will they ever completely figure the whole thing out. Realize that there is more to life than filling materialistic needs. Sure, that new watch or handbag may provide temporary satisfaction but one day it’ll be collecting dust behind the 13 other handbags you’ve bought when you were feeling a bit restless.

Until next time….



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