Must Have Monday–Drinkwel Vitamins

Here’s the thing about getting older that no one warns you about, the older you get, the longer and more brutal your hangovers get. It’s true! In my college years, I used to go out every single night and stay out until about 4:30-5am but you can bet that I made it to my 10am class everyday. I may have been in Norts, an oversized tee, sunnies, and chugging the biggest dirty chai Starbucks had to offer, but I was there! Here I am in my mid-twenties and I actually have to schedule in a day to be hungover. If I have tons of work to do on Sunday, you can find me on the couch on Saturday night limiting myself to only a few glasses of wine. Day long hangovers are a thing!

The struggle is real!

One fateful and I’m sure incredibly hungover Friday, I found myself browsing Sumpto looking at the new free items they were offering to their influencers when I came across Drinkwel vitamins. Advertised as “The multivitamin for people who drink” I was intrigued.


I’m a person who drinks!

I filled in my info and waited for my sample pack to arrive. Finally it showed up at my doorstep and just in time, I had quite the weekend planned! After carefully reading the instructions, I took three vitamins before I started drinking and three after my last drink. I awoke the next morning feeling strange. The blinding migraine and crippling nausea never came. I was a bit thirsty but that was it. I was blown away!

So how does it work?

Drinkwel vitamins are filled with nutrients that help your body break down the toxins in alcohol that cause hangovers plus B vitamins for an extra pep in your step! Now I know what you’re thinking, “how can I avoid that desert thirst the next day?” Well Drinkwel has another equally amazing product that when partnered up with their vitamins, will have you feeling like a superhero after drinking your night away; meet LYTEshow the rapid rehydration wonder. It’s like if Pedialyte and Gatorade had a love child.

Just a few drops in your water and you’re good to go! 

Between my Drinkwel vitamins and my LYTEshow rapid rehydration travel flask I feel invincible! Well I feel like I can be a normal twenty something year old and not lose an entire day when I decide to have a drink…..or four.

Check out Drinkwel online and always drink responsibly!


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